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PHYSIOGEL Bloggers Meetup 2017

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If you all remember, a couple of weeks back I completed a skincare 14 Day Challenge. This post is a culmination of that challenge.

As the title states, Physiogel Bloggers Meetup was held on the 4th of April, 2017, arranged by Talking Point PR at X-2 Cafe. Physiogel's is GSK Steifel product and is manufactured in UK.

Actress and Brand Ambassador Physiogel, Aisha Khan

The blogger meetup was arranged with the product's Brand Ambassador, the beautiful actress Aisha Khan and event was hosted by none other than Faizan Haqqee. Aisha was very forthcoming about her usage of Physiogel products and shared with us her story how it has become her Holy Grail especially the Daily Defense Cream( has SPF too).

Team B.Sheikh with Aisha Khan

Team B.Sheikh with Faizan Haqqee (Red Carpet Host)

Aisha first came across Physiogel when she was studying in Canada and for her dry skin and slight eczema she started using it. The results worked in her favor that now without it her beauty regimen is incomplete. Before doing her makeup, the Daily Defense Cream is the first product that is applied on. If you are worried that your face will look oily or too much layering is happening, then no need to worry because Physiogel products are quickly absorbed by the skin and only a glowy sheen is visible. How do we know this? Because we have tried and tested the products.
Aiza Susam (Brand Manager Physiogel) and Bushra

The Brand Manager, Aiza Susam farther discussed that Physiogel is the only product that has the Bio-mimic technology(Patent) that is its products mimic the lipid layer(fat layer) of the skin, if its missing the required cells then the creams bridge the gap, to be exact in laymen term hence nourishing the dehydrated skin and giving it healthy glow. Now who doesn't want that?

A few properties of Physiogel Products

  • Hypoallergenic meaning it will not cause any skin rash or allergies
  • Odorless/
  • Non-Comedogenic/ Non-greasy
  • For all skin types
  • No preservatives
  • No colorants

At the meetup, activities were also arranged where you could the moisture level in your skin checked. Fancy isn't it. This is how it worked. with a special apparatus, they checked the hydration in the skin and then rechecked it after applying the Daily Moisture Lotion, and voila! The result was right was pretty quick and true.

You can find Physiogel products at all the leading pharmacies namely Clinix, Servaid etc.
All in all it was nicely arranged evening and who does not like listening to personal experiences of known names.

You can also click on the link below to read about our take on the 14 Day Challenge.

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