Saturday, 29 April 2017

Food Tasting at Tree Lounge Restaurant

Hey Everyone. Weekend is right here! Glad for the week to be over yeah? Well we have some interesting reads for you all just right here.

So Bushra and I invited were by MMFF Events and PR at the *Tree Lounge Restaurant* for food tasting, here in Lahore. To be exact, this hip yet cozy restaurant is located in Gulberg III. 

Usman Riaz-Owner Tree Lounge

A little detail about the restaurant before we get to the food.  Usman Riaz, the CEO  gave a detailed introduction about the restaurant. An HR Major who studied in London, has worked in New York and has been associated with other companies such as Telenor, is a motivated and career driven individual who bears no inhibitions when it comes to managing the restaurant whether taking orders, handling the till or working the floor. 

Team B.Sheikh with fellow bloggers and Mr.Usman Riaz

We asked him why the restaurant was named *Tree Lounge*.His answer was simple. The name was inspired by the huge tree outside the restaurant which has been incorporated in the building including the decor, from menu to the focal walls to outdoor decor. The Restaurant  can house 140 people comfortably (indoors and outdoors combined).Has one entrance with stairs leading to the outdoor area. The timings are from noon to midnight and you can reserve your tables during that duration.With a total of 25 people in the staff, the kitchen where the delicious food is made has 15 people  to cater to the food prep. 

The restaurant attracts a lot of birthdays and you will be surprised to know that Tree Lounge  has hosted Mehindi and Shaadi functions! Also if you want to arrange for corporate events and other occasions then the restaurant can accommodate at a venue of your liking. Even though the restaurant does not  have a lift, the management and staff is very accommodating towards individuals and elderly people who cannot climb the stairs. They send their staff to lift them up in a chair and bring upstairs to enjoy the food and ambiance.

Now comes the food part.We had the option to choose any dish from the menu so I ordered Coconut Mushroom Chicken. It was creamy with Thai chillies(yummayy since I love Thai food) and egg fried rice with a zing of garlic, was an appropriate proportion size. not too much and not too less. 
Coconut Mushroom Chicken

Bushra ordered Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta. It was topped with Chicken and Parmesan. Again a generous portion. It was different from the usual Alfredo Pasta that is served everywhere but tasty nonetheless. Both of us ordered Pinacolada which was cold and tasty. Service was quick and food served was hot.
Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta
Now the dessert part. A beautiful concoction of Bread Pudding was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was sweet and can be shared by two people since the serving size was extremely generous.

Bread Pudding
We asked Usman Riaz his personal favorite dish from the menu, he stated it was the new dish in the menu, Italian Canaloni Pasta.  

The menu offers a lot dishes so whichever dish is more your speed then you can always order that. Hope you all liked this blogpost! Enjoy the pictures :)

Until next time,
Much love,
Team B.Sheikh.

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

In Our Mail- Antonym Cosmetics Noisette Palette

Hello my beautiful ladies! Hope all of you are doing well!

This blog post is going to be about NOISETTE, an Intense, Radiant Quad by ANTONYM COSMETICS!
If you are a fan of Brown Smokey Eyes then you will love this post!

Noisette Palette

Bushra and I received this beautiful shimmery, luxurious makeup palette by Antonym Pakistan.
This generous Quad has the most luxurious, long lasting, smooth formula with light, accentuating pigments. We all can agree on this that 
Intense, Radiant, silky texture, looks good on Pakistani skin tones.

Perfect Daylight for Swatching

Look at those gorgeous pigments in the above picture. It is a build-able compact so its entirely upto you how much intensity you want on the lids.

Close-up Shot

This product is extremely rich in color and has a velvety finish. Also eye shades are easy to apply.This is a high end brand. Good investment. Go to glam palette.

We use it on the lids for shading, highlighting, defining the brow bone and socket and lash line. Has a small dual ended brush, with smooth bristles.

In the above picture, Warda created this Soft-Glam look with a blended lid and smoked out corner.

Again, you can play around with shades and create your look.
The brand is available at Highlife by Alfatah in LahoreDo check this brand out and what it has to offer.

We hope you ladies enjoyed this post!

Until next time,
Much love,
Team B.Sheikh.

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In Our Mail: Antonym Cosmetics Baked Copper Blush

Hello my beautiful ladies! Hope all of you are doing great! Who doesn't get excited when makeup comes in Mail?? We all LOVE it don't we :D
Now this blog post is going to be about Antonym Cosmetics Baked Copper Blush!!

We received this beautiful Blush and Brush.No.3 a couple of months back. Warda and I were thrilled to use it since we had not tried anything of this brand and to be honest we did not know much about this brand at all.

Swatch of Certified Organic Baked Blush in Copper.

The moment we swatched it, we fell in love! As you all can see from the swatch that it looks luxurious and very flattering on Pakistani skin tones! Also it gives a very Glowyinstant Glam feel and blends in the skin! 

Warda  trying out Certified Organic Baked Blush in Copper.

We opt for this blush when we are attending events and weddings.
It feels weightlesssmooth and silky. It does have an intense pigmentation that we love. Why? Because we don't have to go back again and again and pick up more product.

Bushra trying out Certified Organic Baked Blush in Copper.

With Smokey Eyes and Peachy Pink Lips it looks great!As you can see in both these pictures, the color pigment is not only strong but also beautiful.

Recently we dolled up DJ Shapara, PTV host and Content Creatorz (CCZ) co-founder. We used it on her and YES she was glowing!!

DJ Shahpara getting dolled-up at B.Sheikh

Here is DJ Shahpara getting ready for her show
'Raat Chali Hai Jhoom Kay' which airs on PTV Channel.

Blush Application
In the above picture I am applying Baked Copper Blush for Glowy, Soft-Glam finish.

The Final Look

The final look! Doesn't she look great!

Some details regarding the products

Baked Copper Blush

  • Made in Italy.
  • Bamboo packaging.
  • Magnetic buttons for easy closure.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Vegan.
  • Net weight 8 grams.
  • Shelf life 24 months.

Contour Brush No. 3

The Angled brush in our first picture, is a high quality brush with synthetic bristles and has a strong sustainable bamboo.Also the brush Has a tight ferule so you don't have to worry about the bristles coming out on your face.

The bristles feel very smooth and soft on the skin. The bristles are  gentle on the skin, cruelty free and eco-friendly. Many International and local makeup artists are using this brush for contour and for a sharp blush application.

The brand is available at Highlife by Alfatah in LahoreDo check this brand out and what it has to offer.

Hope all of you makeup junkies liked this post!

Until next time,
Team B.Sheikh.

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HSY collaborates with Fabbitt.

Hello everyone! Hope all of you are doing well!
This post is going to be about none other than the KING of COUTURE, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin!!
HSY with Anush Ammar
Warda and I went to the HSY Studio here in Gulberg, Lahore, where he was showcased his latest collection for #PSFW17 with a slight twist. Must be wondering what that twist is now yeah? Read on.
The Couture King has collaborated with to preview HSY's Paranoia and unveil of MODE Magazine.

Shazre Khalid of  Z and S events

Sister Duo: Warda and Bushra

A little background on what FABBITT.COM is. It is an Online Women's Clothing Store. You'll receive Luxury at your door step and no its not only limited within Pakistan but also is delivering Nationally and Internationally.

Beautiful Decor By Z and S Events

They have come up with an online publication by the name of MODE, and the Cover of this Magazine was unveiled at the studio. Syra Shahroz, TV and Film Actress wore the piece from the collection Paranoia and was worn by Anush Ammar at the exclusive event.

Glam in one picture: Maheen Kardar Ali of Karma, Ali Xeeshan, Shehzad Raza and HSY  

The new Publication, Mode will function across all digital devices, tablets, desktops and smartphones.

Team B.Sheikh with Makeup Maestro, Shahzad Raza of AtherShahzadStudio

While talking to HSY, we asked him about the inspiration behind this Paranoia Collection and why did he name it this specifically. To quote him,  
"We live in an era of Internet, Instagram and that we need to look and dress a certain way. Well this collection is about breaking stereotypical barriers, making fashion your own, not shying away from who we are what we wear!! Make a bold statement it's your time now!!"
Well that is true isn't it.

Team B.Sheikh with Seyham Wahidy of Lotus PR

The collection was moderncontemporary, and of course Signature HSY written all over it!

Team B.Sheikh with Syra Sheikh of Lotus PR

Hope you all liked the Blog post!

Until next time,
Much love,
Team B.Sheikh.

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Depilex SmileAgain Foundation Prize Distribution Ceremony-Fighters NOT Victims

Hello beautiful people. Hope all of you are doing well.

This post is going to be on a very serious topic regarding Acid and Burn victims. My sister Warda and I were invited to attend  DSF Prize Distribution Ceremony on Sunday, 17th April 2017 at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club. The project was sponsored by Philip Morris Pakistan Limited.

Since 2003, Depilex Smile Again Foundation is supporting Acid and Kerosene Oil Burn Victims to medical treatment, providing them Psychosocial support and Vocational Training for the rehabilitation in society. 766 victims have been registered and they are treated without discrimination of Caste, Creed and Religion. Many girls have been treated or are at different stages of the medical procedure. In many cases a victim has to go through  multiple surgeries, depending upon the severity of the bands.

Irfan Khoosat(Actor), Waris Baig(Singer),Masarrat Misbah and Ayesha Sana

 Under this project 50 victims have received medical treatment.through this program, 4 Psychosocial Workshops were held in Punjab, SindhKPK including 12 victims in each workshop. 12 burn victims received Beautician Training out of which 8 victims got employment and the remaining victims have their own salons.

Team B.Sheikh with Masarrat Misbah (President DSF)

These women are truly fighters. The physical and mental trauma that these women go through is just in-explainable and by looking at them they have come out stronger than ever hearing. Maimoona and Noreen's stories shook us to the core, that life is not a Fairy-Tale. Sometimes to believe in them is okay but one should not be blind to the harsh realities of life. What was hair-raising was that random people did not throw acid but it was either the husband, brother, family members or the in-laws

Team B.Sheikh with Ayesha Sana( Host/Actor)

The purpose of this event was to encourage and express support for acid burn victims who have completed their vocational training and self reliant business plan of education.  Mr Shekhar called these women Fighters instead of Victims, a strong and powerful word appreciated by all present at the ceremony. Khwaja Salman, Punjab Health Minister ,Chief Guest on this occasion he also condemned the heinous crime of acid throwing in particular and violence against women in general

This is the reality. Hats off to Masarrat Misbah and her team for commendable efforts.From taking the girls and women under her wing to giving them the proper treatment to educating them and giving them skills and hope is just beautiful worthy of praise. 

Khawaja Salman,Punjab Health Minister

Please contribute to Depilex SimleAgain Foundation in any way that you can.  We hope and Pray that this foundation keeps on doing wonderful things and bringing the glimmer of happiness in the eyes of these Fighters.

 Until next time,
 Much love,

Team B.Sheikh.

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Friday, 14 April 2017

Magnum MasterClass by Khadija Shafqat

Hello my beauties!! This Blogpost is completely different from our usual posts and tastier to say the least. the post is about yummilicious chocolaty goodness in the form of MAGNUM!
Khadija Shafqat, Owner  Dessert Directory

My sister Bushra and I were invited by Lotus PR to attend the Magnum Master Class conducted by Khadija Shafqat. Since we have our own Baking Business by the name SugarGlam, saying that we were excited would be an understatement. WHO DOESNT LOVE CHOCOLATE !???! 
Tools of  Drool

Khadija started off with her introduction telling us about her training in Dubai and Paris. She is the owner of Dessert Directory (I like the sound of it) here in Lahore. Khadija started off explaining in great detail about tempering the chocolate on marble, different designs, textures that can be given to chocolate and flavor combinations that work well together. It clearly showed that she was passionate about her work. 
Sister Duo with Khadija Shafqat

 One question that we asked from her was whether she dealt with fondant or not. Her reply was NO, as it compromises the taste the chocolate and is actually unfair to the flavor of the cake and icing. We were glad with her reply because we feel the same way.

Team B.Sheikh with Seyham Vahidy of LotusPR

Team B.Sheikh with Jahanban of LotusPR

Khadija showed us four different pairings of Magnum each exquisite, divine, extremely aesthetically pleasing

Beauty on the Plates

We thoroughly enjoyed the masterclass and yes we got eat Magnum too.

Have a Chocolaty Weekend :D

Till Next Time,
Team B.Sheikh 

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Premier Beauty Forum

Hello Everyone! Hope all of you beautiful people are doing great .This post is going to be a bit different but yes beauty related nonetheless.

 I was invited to the soft launch of Premier Beauty Forum (PBF) 2017 at the L'AUBERGE- Lebanese RestaurantFalettei's Hotel by BM Events and PR and Pink Lotus that arranged the event. Pint Lotus which is a creative agency that aims to organize and execute any type of event and marketing solutions. I was extremely glad to attend this event as I always felt the lack and need of such a forum which caters to Beauty, Skin, Spa and Beauty Equipment, Aesthetic Doctors, Fitness Centers and Wellness Centers, International Distributors all coming on one platform. 

I was warmly welcomed by the team member of Pink Lotus, Sadia Zaheer, Marketing Communication Specialists. The event was graced by Shahzad Raza, makeup artist at Ather Shahzad Studio, Natasha Hussain (Natty) Red Carpet Host, various other artists, publication personnel, team members of PR companies, bloggers and socialites. 

Shafaq Habib, Dr. Zarka  and Natty

Team Pink Lotus briefed everyone behind the concept of Premier Beauty Forum (PBF) 2017 which is going to be a two day event that will be held on 5th and 6th may 2017 at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club, Lahore where anyone can come and interact with people of the beauty industry.

Speaking about the PBF 2017, 
Mrs. Sobia Faraz (CEO Pink Lotus) said:
"At Premiere Beauty Forum our endeavor is to bring the industry together to learn about upcoming trends, spread education regarding the latest techniques and product awareness to further accelerate the growth of this incredible sector." 

Shumaila Affan( Brand Manager Inglot Pakistan) and Naeem Hadi (Marketing Head of Nishat Group)
Shahzad Raza (Makeup Maestro)

 One can easily put up their stall alongside with people of beauty industry catering to a wide range of audience. There will also be a beauty trend show titled 'Premiere Beauty Runway' in 
which established and upcoming beauticians will be showcasing hair and makeup looks for 2017. Industry's top aesthetics doctor, Dr. Zarka will conducting a skin care workshop, in makeup session master makeup class is offered by one of the best and multi talented makeup maestro Ather Shahzad and much more. 

Bilal Mukhtar of BM Events and PR
So ladies is that not just great. All things beauty coming together on one platform! Enjoy the pictures :)
Team Pink Lotus

Till next time,
Team B.Sheikh

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