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Willa Hafeez, The Entrepreneur behind BeautyBar.Pk

Hey Heyy! Girls if you are a makeup junkie  like us BSheikh sisters, then you must have heard about Pakistan's premium E-commerce beauty store, the .

Willa Hafeez of BeautyBarPk with Bushra Sheikh of B.Sheikh 

BeautyBarPk owner,Willa Hafeez is the brain behind this online cosmetics store. Get to know a lil about this young entrepreneur in this one-on-one interview!  Read on ladies!

20 Questions with Willa Hafeez

Q1. Initial Schooling?
O and A levels from Beacon House, Lahore ( in pure Sciences). 

Q2. What did you major in? 
In Mathematics from LUMS 
(Our Mathematician is also a beauty buff at heart!)

Q3. First Job?
After graduation I worked with Capital DHS International, 4 years straight i.e from 2012 to 2016

Q4. What made you start your website?
My Passion for Makeup.

Q5. How did you start your website?
I observed that though there were  beauty brands in the market,there was no easy access to them online. I noticed  loads of queries on different beauty forums coming in from different cities and realized a need for an online cosmetics store that could provide affordable cosmetics and an easy access to the females.

Q6. When did you launch Beautybarpk?
I launched Beautybarpk in August 2015.

Q7. How is the response so far?
The response has been GREAT!

Couple of things that we got from Beautybarpk.


Flawless Resurrection 3-Rs 1600

Q8. How many cities does Beautybarpk cater to?
 I feel proud in saying that Beautybarpk caters to 94 cities nation wide, major chunk of orders coming from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other areas such as Mirpur Khas, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Hyderabad.

Q9. How many brands are on board with BeautyBarPk?
BeautyBarPk  has 40 brands on board.
Snail Mask Sheet Skin Damage Care- Rs350 

Q10. Most preferred makeup brands of BeautyBarPk's clients? 
 Makeup Revolution , Wet n Wild, Colourpop and Essence Cosmetics

Q11. Your personal favorites?
Makeup Revolution Highlighters, Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick, Nars Dragon Girl Lipstick and Luscious Brow Designer. 

Colourpop Blotted Lip in Ice cube- Rs 1045

Q12. What are the highest selling products?
Makeup revolution pro illuminate Highlighter, Essence Get Big Lashes and Super Fine Liners which are the pen liners by Essence Cosmetics are what people mostly order.

Pro Clean Soft Cleansing Tissue

Q13. Most Popular Lipshade and brands?
Color pop is the most favorite brand when it comes to lipsticks/lipglosses
Browns- bumble, beeper
Reds- creeper, 
Pinks- mars, donut, sollow
Berries- viper, bad habit
Also Catsuit- Matte Lip Colors

Q14. Which makeup product was Last Year's hyped product?
Contour kits both in powder and palette form were last season's crazy trend-

Q15. Most popular brand in terms of foundations?Foundations by Wet n Wild are the most popular.

Retro Luxe Matte LipKit in Nobel-Rs 950

Q16. Any new brands you have added to your website? 

Recently I have launched Milani Cosmetics.

Q17. Right now the current trend is?
Current trend for Fall/ Winter are  Peach, Burn't oranges, Deep Burgundy Eyes with Gold Liner.

Q18. What are your pet peeves?
When people don't blend their eye shadows. Very up in the face makeup. Blush should be applied on top of the cheeks not the entire cheek. Same for the highlighting. It should not be applied liberally, only the highest points of the face, shoulder and collar bones. Also women generally are not aware of the skills and techniques. Not only this but Instagram Makeup and Daily makeup are not the same thing!
Essence Instant Matte Makeup Setting Spray-Rs 510

Q19. What is the minimum amount of order that you get?
 Average order value is 2500.

Q20. What is in your Makeup Pouch?
Colourpop Creeper, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Ibiza.

Currently Willa has a total  of  two employees  and 2 interns. We wish her more success and we hope that Beautybarpk grows stronger with time! All the best girl!

Willa's parting shot:

"Not everyone is a makeup artist and one goes through a proper learning period."

Hope you all enjoyed this Q&A as much as we did conducting it! Can't wait to try the goodies!!

Till next time, 
Team B.Sheikh

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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Food Tasting at Taipan, Pearl Continental Lahore.

Ta daaaa! Foodies, I have for you all a very interesting read that is if you are in to Chinese Cuisine.

Arsalan Saeed of Saeed Anwar Banarsis, Sacha Zaidi and Bushra Sheikh of B.Sheikh
So here it goes. We were invited to Taipan, Pearl Continental here in Lahore. First of all, let me tell you that we have never ever tasted Taipan, so it was the first time that we were going there.
I was totally blown away by the look of it! Very open space and very inviting! Not like a typical Chinese place with low ceiling and those typical red lanterns hanging over your heads! And that low dim red lighting, which was more of a 90's, early 2000's vibe. Too outdated!!

Taipan is so fancy! It's all about nicely done corners with partitions in the center, giving a sense of openness. Waterfalls on the sides create a very soothing ambiance.

Coming to the food, we were served Crab Mousse, Scallop Soup, Broccoli, Sweet and Sour, Dry Chilli BeefSingaporean Noodles, Mint MargaritaApple Juice, Fried Banana with Mango Ice -Cream and Nutella Chocolate Cake. Salivating yet? Ha ha ha we know you all are! :)
Personal favourites were Dry Chilli Beef , Egg Fried Rice and Sweet and Sour not to forget the drool worthy Nutella Chocolate Cake!

Apple Juice
Mint Margarita  

While talking with the management, we found out that they have a dedicated and hardworking staff of 20 employees and 1 Chef. Their busy days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The accommodation in total is for 110 people. And they do take in bookings of 30 to 50 people.


 Green Tea      

Their most ordered dish is Schezuan Chicken, Pearl Soup and Pearl Prawns where as in drinks Mint Margarita wins and in Desserts are Lychee Ice-Cream & Fried Banana with Ice Cream.
Sacha and Bushra
If you guys are in Lahore, make sure you check out Taipan, PC!
Delicious food and great hosts! 
Hope you all like this blogpost!

Taipan Management
Till next time, 
Team B.Sheikh

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

AIESEC joins hands with Reckitt Benckiser for ‘Hoga Saaf Pakistan’

It is worth appreciating when great initiatives are being taken. What are we talking about? Read on ahead to know what this blogpost is going to be about.

 AIESEC, a renowned international leadership development organization, recently went into partnership with Reckitt Benckiser (RB), the makers of Dettol, Mortein and Harpic. The two joined hands for the ‘Hoga Saaf Pakistan’ campaign comprising of various initiatives that aim to create a healthier and cleaner Pakistan. This campaign was launched on 14th August 2017 and since then, it has received immense support and appreciation by key influencers, celebrities and the public.


Well it is an entirely youth-run organization with over 500 members nationally and presence in all the major universities of Pakistan; affiliated with AIESEC globally. WOW! More power to the youth!! Additionally, AIESEC Pakistan carries out more than 800 exchange programs and several community and social projects annually. The organization firmly believes that youth leadership is not a privilege  but a great responsibility to inspire change for a better society and world to live in. 

There’s no denying that the youth of today are the mindful leaders of tomorrow, they have the power to restructure our society in ways that others have previously struggled with. Keeping that in mind, this partnership is a well thought step taken by RB to inspire the youth to own the cause and work towards a Saaf Pakistan.

What does this partnership hope to achieve?

RB aims to create maximum awareness amongst the youth about the importance of cleanliness and how it should evolve from within each Pakistani while simultaneously taking action and spreading the message of Hoga Saaf Pakistan as a whole for others to join the cause.

“Through Hoga Saaf Pakistan, RB and AIESEC together, aspire to create mass awareness especially with the youth by embedding Saaf Pakistan as a vision which then can become a reality. The idea is to take action and inspire others to join the cause. Several big initiatives are planned as part of this
collaboration which includes but is not restricted to cleanliness drives in different cities, workshops and think tanks across universities to encourage students to come up with sustainable ideas for a Saaf
Pakistan and a lot more. These big initiatives will be much more inclusive for the general public to
support the cause and pledge their time for a healthier, cleaner Pakistan. Milkay lagayeigne jaan, tau
Hoga Saaf Pakistan!” said Fahad Ashraf, Marketing Director of RB Pakistan.

This is it for now. Hope you all enjoyed reading this blogpost!

Till next time, 
Team B.Sheikh

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Mikaj by Jacim- Exculsive Meetup

Hey all. We have here Dibs on a new Designer in town. Yes Lahoris more options for you all to get Bridal wear from.
An exclusive Meet and Greet with Jacim of Mikaj was arranged at X-2 cafe by Dext Events and PR on the 29th of August 2017.

Jacim Shafiq graduated from Hunerkada in Textile and Fashion Design. He started working in 2012, exhibiting in different venues. His design philosophy is to keep his clothes trendy, simple and affordable.

Every new designer's first thought is *How to make a name in the Market?What will set them apart from the rest of the designers?*.

 I asked Jacism that when he joined the Fashion school what was the first thought that came to his mind with regard to clothing i.e what was he passionate about.  His reply being  Bridal collection as he wanted to make beautiful dresses for women and create clientele in that market.

Looking at his collection, the designs spoke of his taste. Yes they were different from what I would normally wear not that I wear bridal dresses ALL the time! LOL!The collection is different from what other designers are offering which is how it should be. Be a part of the market but add your own flavor to the mix that sets you apart from the rest.

Coming back to the meet and greet,in one corner Jacim had also put up a small display of his Pret collection. Two of his pieces appealed to me and yes they both were in beige and cream shade.

Pret Collection
 So Jacism all the best for your future. Thank you for having Team BSheikh over.

Till next time, 
Team B.Sheikh

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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Sunsilk Conditioners Meet and Greet

Hello Everyone!:) Hope you all are doing great! Now the question of the day......Who doesn't like their hair to be moisturized and well taken care of? I am pretty sure all of us want that! If you all still haven't caught our drift yet then  we'll tell you.This blog post is going to be about Conditioners

Sunsilk, the global hair care brand, brings to the Pakistani market a range of glossy conditioners to nourish all hair types and to give the consumer a best in class hair wash experience. Conditioners are known to nourish and protect, style and smoothen frizzy, unruly hair and this what Sunsilk Conditioners are all about. Their range focuses on highlighting the many benefits of silky smooth hair. To be honest, most of us forget that conditioners are supposed to be used in conjunction with shampoo. 

Anoushay Ashraf
#shampooaloneisnotenough was launched with a fun event held at the recently opened luxury boutique salon, Bellagio by Sadaf on Saturday, September 9th. Prominent media members including stylists, fashion bloggers and other key influencers attended this event. The charismatic, Anoushay Ashraf hosted the event, keeping the audience’s energy alive throughout. The event started off with an informative session on the functionality of Sunsilk Conditioners conducted by Muhammad Zaheer, the R&D Expert at Unilever who explained the technology of conditioners and how they work on hair to nourish and moisturize them which makes them smoother and healthier.

Farah Vayani
Sadaf -Owner Bellagio

This was followed by a live demonstration by Sadaf, the talented owner of the Bellagio Salon, who skillfully worked on various models’ hair using the Sunsilk Conditioners to create magnificent before and after looks. An interactive hair talk then took place by a panel of highly experienced hair stylists.
Palwasha Yosuf
Amongst the panel were; Palwasha Yosuf, a freelance stylist who has also styled celebrities for films and commercials, Tehmina Ali, hairstylist and colour technician with over eight years of experience in the hair styling industry, Shazdeh Ali, trained from Toni & Guy London who has worked closely with the Fashion guru Tariq Amin for the last nine years, Nida Khan who has worked with Tariq Amin for 9 years and Sanaa Awan from the Hina Y Salon.

Hussain, Rabia, Sara
These renowned professionals offered hair styling tips and techniques that kept the audience informed and engaged. While everybody was educated about the do’s and don’ts, a series of hair solutions were offered to the audience. The final engaging activity was called Smoothest Hairstyle where the audience styled salon girls who usually style them. This was an interesting experience for the participants since it gave them a chance to express themselves working with some of the best hair experts of the city.

“The event was fun, exciting and informative at the same time. Not only did I enjoy hosting it but was also thoroughly enlightened about the critical use of Conditioners,” said Anoushey Ashraf

As you all can see the event was a great success!

We wish team Sunsilk all the very best!:)

Until next time,
Much love,
Team B.Sheikh!!

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Veet introduces Veet Academy!

Hello people! Hope all of you are doing great!
I am sure by now all of you are well aware about the brand Veet. It  has become a household name in Pakistan. They are doing so much for young women out there and I thought why not share it with all of you !

Sarwat Gilani-Mentor Veet Academy

Veet is known to come up with  feminine campaigns and programs. The brand understands that beautiful does not stem from physical attributes but the all rounded personality of an individual. Beauty is what’s inside, reflected outside in the best of ways. Therefore, Veet recently introduced its grooming institute called Veet Academy that enables girls to cherish their femininity and helps transform them into
successful, passionate and confident individuals, through online courses.

These courses revolve around five Veet values led by five celebrity experts. The celebrities, who are
living examples of each of these values include, Sarwat Gilani for Confidence Building, Aamina Sheikh for Intelligent Behaviour, Hareem Farooq for Health and Fitness, Sidra Iqbal for Effective Communication and Masarrat Misbah for Charm

The poised Sarwat Gilani, begins the Veet Academy modules by conducting a thorough course on confidence building through digital videos. Through the course, we also discover Gilani’s other passion; her love for Interior Designing. Linking confidence building to interior designing is an interesting way to explain about confidence building
Sarwat therefore believes that colors, patterns and other elements around you can also affect your mood and boost your confidence. Well that is quite true. When you do something that interests you, not only does one feel content but one is also productive where work is concerned.

The course also lays emphasis upon the sphere of self-worth that enables the audience to understand
the importance of discovering self-awareness and self-acceptance. Through the online program, Sarwat is inspiring young women by teaching them how to embrace their lives and making the most of each situation. Hence, the course is a blend of her wisdom and experiences, being imparted towards a younger audience with the hope that it will mould them into a confident being. 

The underlining message is that once you learn to love and accept yourself, you’re headed towards the right track.

To know the rest of her tips, take the course! Watch all the videos at:

Hope you all enjoyed the article. Follow Veet on all their socials.

Until next time,
Much love,
Team B.Sheikh

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MIY Interiors showcases Furniture at Nishat Hotel, Lahore.

Hello people! Hope all of you are doing well!This blog post us going to be a bit different. If you are a fan of interior decoration, then keep on reading!:)
Arsalan Saeed of Saeed Anwar Banarsis and Bushra Sheikh

I was invited by Mishalle Hira of Dext Events and PR to Nishat Hotel where Mr. Malik Imran Yunus, the man behind the exhibit of furniture was show casing some statement pieces.

As you can see in the pictures, the furniture caters to a very modern niche. The collection gave very urban chic vibes and at display were picture frames, bed sets, trolleys, clocks, coffee table, dining table, sofa sets and much more.

While in conversation with Mr. Malik, I asked him about his inspiration behind the exhibit. He replied by saying that his wife; who was in Dubai, had shown interest in home decor. All of the pieces were hand picked from Europe and Dubai. This was their first exhibit and their brand is only 3 months young.

Personally I liked the mirrors. Not much of an extravagant spender, I felt that it was slightly expensive.

Make sure you follow them on all their socials.

Until next time,
Team Bsheikh signing off.
Much love.

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Willa Hafeez, The Entrepreneur behind BeautyBar.Pk

Hey Heyy! Girls if you are a makeup junkie  like us BSheikh sisters, then you must have heard about Pakistan's premium E-commerce beauty...