Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Physiogel 14 day Challenge, Week 2.

Hello my beautiful ladies!

Hope all of you are doing great! I have completed my 14 day Challenge of Physiogel!! And yes, the results are brilliant!!As I have used Physiogel products previously, I knew that my skin would benefit from the creams and lotions which I received.

During my first week of the challenge, I did experience less flaky skin and less redness on my face. The continued usage has definitely improved my skin texture, redness is minimal and the dry patches are gone.  I feel pretty great actually!

My current favorite now is the Daily Defence Replenishing Cream and the Daily Moisture Therapy Cream! I also use it on my hands:)

If you ladies are looking to invest in good quality

Challenge accepted and done with

skin care products then I would suggest to get a lotion or cream that fits your skin care needs!

Hope you all enjoyed the blog post!
Thank you so much for reading it!
Take care!

Much love,

Team B.Sheikh.


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