Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Entertainer- ToyLand for all Ages

Hey Everyone. Hope you all are doing well.
Here is a reprieve from all the clothes and food updates. its time for some TOYS!

On the 25th of March. 2017, my sister Warda and I were invited by Maximus Advertisers at the Grand Launch of *The Entertainer* in Emporium Mall, Lahore. Since we are from Karachi we had no clue about this Toyland and how excited we'll get once we reached the event.

Welcome to the Dark side
Lets get to know about the details first. This is the company's 5th store, having started this project first in the capital city, Islamabad in 2014 and over the span of 3 years, The Entertainer has spread in Lahore too bringing the  high- quality  and licensed toys from global toy brands. The Entertainer, under the Umbrella of SEFAM Group identified the needs of Pakistani market for good quality toys and thus brought UK's favorite and largest toy retailer to the country. Lets just say you will have a squealing, screaming child if you did not buy anything from the store.

You WILL end up buying something because YOU will end up drooling over the toys.Now about the Launch itself. It was a fun experience. My sister and I had a great time going through the aisles.
Sister Duo
The store has designed proper sections for the toys at display. For instance there is one*Imagine and Play*, *Arts and Craft*, *Games and Puzzles*, *Action and Adventure*, *Construction Toys etc.*. Now isn't that great. 

All sorted and stacked for you to browse through and buy. The brand caters to all ages and has in stock from soft toys to more challenging and logical games/toys. The focus is to facilitate the children with toys that are engaging as well as educational so you can say that the brand offers Play and Learn themed toys as well. Not only this but also you'll get the latest, hip and happening and in-trend toys such as Marvel and DC characters, Brats( Dolls), Star Wars characters ( YAY Darth Vader) and numerous other toys.

Categorized Aisles

Team B.Sheikh and Faisal Jamshaid (Brand Manager and Marketing Head)
The Entertainer's Brand Manager and Marketing Head, Faisal Jamshaid gave us a detailed brief about all the toys in store, taking us through each and everyone aisle and listing all the attributes the brand had to offer. This is what he had to say about the Brand and the Launch,“We have a solid footprint right across the UK on both the high street and in shopping centers. With more than 500+ check-ins in one day, we have achieved our goal.”

Cute Soft Toys

If any of you has not been to The Entertainer then do checkout this place. It sure is a Toyland for all ages and we sisters had some fun posing with some of our favorite toys/characters. Enjoy the pictures!!

Till next time,
Team B.Sheikh 

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Official Launch of Buffalo Wings and Ring-Lahore

Hello everyone!

Hope all of you beautiful people are doing great!!

As you all know that me and Warda enjoy good quality food. So when we were invited by BM Events for Food Tasting at the Launch of Buffalo Wings And Rings, we were excited!

Mr. Rasik Jamil, MD of Buffalo Wings And Rings

Me and Bilal Mukhtar of BM Events And Pr

We were greeted by the restaurant's manager. After being immediately seated, we were served different types of flavors of chicken wings with dips, beef burgers with drinks.
Service was quick even though the place was jam-packed. 

Selfie Game Strong
Mr.Rasik,Natty, Humaira Asghar Ali, Fiza Ali, BilalMukhtar
We got a chance to have a dialogue with the Managing Director, Mr. Rasik Jameel. He told us about that how he brought this International chain to Pakistan prior to having to restaurants in Dubai.He also elaborated on the fact that he is expanding his business and spreading it across Pakistan.


We would say that this place is definitely for a younger crowd. The interior has a lot of young vibe to it, with big TV screens, catchy one liners on the walls. The ambiance is very hip and modern with a huge space and outer area where you can enjoy your order overlooking the hustle bustle of MM Alam Road.

Celebrities spotted at the launch were Natasha Hussain(Red Carpet host), Humaira Asghar Ali(Model) and Fiza Ali(Model/Actor/Host)

Thats it for now. Hope you all enjoyed the Blog post.

 Stay happy and healthy.

Much love,

Team B.Sheikh.

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Ethnic By Outfitters-Official Launch

Hey All! How are my beautiful Ladies? Hope you all are doing well! 
Now that summers are here, everywhere we see are Lawn exhibits.
If you love Fashion, new trends and on-fleek clothes then this post is for all you glamazons.

My sister Warda and I were invited at the Official Launch of Ethnic by Outfitters. PR Handled by BM Events/Bilal Mukhtar

 The brand has come up with Summery, Vibrant, Girlish and modern collection which not only is chic but affordable as well. Win-win. 

You'll see tassele work dominating the designs. Ethnic also offers semi-formals and has a range in light tones of beige/tea-pink basically Pastel shades with embroidery and decorative details on them giving a subdued elegance.

COO Ethnic Outfitters
The brand offers a wide range of variety of clothes, from two-piece to three-piece suits as well as stitched Kurti collections which is a great option for university students and career women to shop from.

We could also see a limited collection accessories such as bags so do check it out when you visit the outlet.

Team B.Sheikh with Humaira, Sudaf Khan and Anushah Asad

Celebrities spotted in the Vibrant collection by Ethnic were Anusheh Asad, Sudaf Khan, Amna Babar and Humaira Asghar Ali. If you ladies have not the checked this brand out yet then you should.

Until next time.

Much love,

Team B.Sheikh

Monday, 27 March 2017

Opium Wok Rice and Noodle Bar

Hey all. Hope you are doing well. Guess what? This post is all about food so gear up for some interesting details. 

Mr. Kamran Afzal (Owner)
Transmedia Digital PR arranged Food Tasting at Opium Chinese and Thai Restaurant for their new section "Opium Wok". My sister Warda and I couldn't refuse this food tasting now could we. So yup it was dinner time at the restaurant.

The Launch Event took place on the 17th of March,2017 graced by socialites,bloggers and media persons namely Amir Qureshi, Sana Sarfaraz and Sara Sarfaraz.

Amir Qureshi

Raja Babar  and Farhan Hafeez of Transmedia

Those individuals who want to be engaged in how their food is being prepared that is live cooking then Opium Wok is the place to be. We were given a menu sheet from which we could select the Cuisine(Japanese,Thai, Chinese), Protein type( Beef, Chicken,Seafood) and Base of the dish (Noodles, Rice). 
Bushra with Yasmin Butt of Transmedia
The Kitchen is an open space where the trained chefs prepare the food right in front of their customers, engaging them in the process.

My sister ordered Thai Cuisine with Chicken and Rice whereas I ordered Egg Noodles with Chicken as the protein in the same cuisine. Yes we love Thai food. 
The food was presented in white bowls with Mint Margarita which in this jam-packed meet and greet we had to order a couple of times.

Mint Margarita
About the food itself. Warda's was overly saucy and mine was heavy on the chillies. Overall the service was quick and hot. Mr. Kamran Afzal (Owner) a very hospitable host, was interactive and accommodating, greeting and answering to everyone.

Thai Chicken with Egg Noodles

Thai Chicken with Rice
We sure will go to Opium Chinese and Thai with the family in the coming weeks as we all LOVE Thai Food. 

Till next time,


Team B.Sheikh 

Monday, 20 March 2017

FryPan Official Launch-D.H.A Lahore

Hey All! Hope you are all doing well!

Once again this post is going to be about a restaurant that opened its doors recently in D.H.A, Lahore.

So lets begin. My sister, Warda and I were invited by the Team of Frypan and Socialinc Pr at the Official Launch of this hip and cozy place. Its a small restaurant with a modern layout and rich warm tones is the general theme all over (yup perfect for pictures) and can accommodate approximately 15 people.

Team BSheikh with Abdullah and Tuba (Owners)

We were greeted by Tuba and Abdullah, the young couple behind this restaurant. Once seated, the food was served and mind you it was Delicious. 
We were served Chilli Cheese Bites,Bombay Chicken with Roghni Naan, Mint Margarita and Mexican Katlama.
Bombay Chicken

 Both of us were literally fixated on Bombay Chicken which was a rich, creamy and spicy curry with chicken pieces(yum) and the Chilli Cheese bites were saucy with veggie chunks.
Chilli Cheese Bites
It was a blast of flavors on our taste-buds. Not only does FryPan offer innovative cooking, a fusion of desi and modern food, their serving style is also different.They present their customer's order in a FRY PAN.

Mint Margarita
Mexican Kaltama
Yup! Abdullah with his team has come up with dishes which are spot on in terms of flavor, not over-powering at all and most importantly the price point is economical which in this day and age is difficult to find.

It was a passion of Abdullah's to go into the restaurant business and now he has done it. It clearly shows in the style of food the restaurant offers, few recipes developed from home  and others created with his chefs. He believes in Teamwork and shares the credit of his restaurant with his team. 

We had a lovely afternoon and for sure will visit this place soon. Enjoy the pictures.

Till next time,

Team BSheikh. 

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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bioderma Pakistan Lahore Bloggers Meet & Greet

Hello my beautiful ladies!

Hope all of you are doing great!

This blog post is going to be about Bioderma Sensibio H2O.

Since this season marks as the season of festivity, and as we all know that wedding festivities can be tiring in an eastern culture i.e from the selection of wardrobe to dolling up to attending the occasion and finally at the end sleeping without cleansing your make-up is not only difficult but harmful for you.

What if you come to know that with a single swipe you can erase your make-up?
YES! We are serious.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O has been producing great result, and its selling a bottle every 10 seconds all over the world. Its a recent rage among Beauty Bloggers

Recently the team, Bioderma Pakistan conducted an interactive bloggers session in Lahore. It took place at Royal Palm and Country Club, where the session was initiated by their Marketing Manager Ms. Beenish Pervaiz who talked about brand philosophy and the persona. She discussed about the USPs (Unique Selling Points) offered by the products.

The session took over by Mr. Siddiq Bawany, the Brand Manager of Bioderma Pakistan. The information shared were very specific and useful for ladies who do make-up.

Adding to it, the product is available in different SKUs and is also very effective for professional ladies to housewives.

The participation by the bloggers was immense and their queries were answered in great detail.We did not stop only here, and the last round of activity contributed to a Twitter activity which involved all the participants and they were tested for their learning of the session.

Me and Warda are always using it, keeping it in our makeup bags is a must now! I don't travel without it!!

We suggest you girls check this product out!!

Thanks for reading this article!
Hope it helps!

Much love,
Team B.Sheikh.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Food Tasting at Opium Chinese and Thai.

Hello Everyone! Hope all of you are doing well!

This blog post is going to be about food tasting at Opium Chinese and Thai Restaurant here in Gulberg, Lahore.

Since I am a Karachiite, I did not know about good Chinese and Thai Cuisine in Lahore. So when the team of TransmediaPk invited me and Warda for food tasting, we were pretty excited to try out this place.

On the 13th of March, 2017, we were welcomed by the lovely team of Transmediapk and the dedicated staff and owner, Mr. Kamran Afzal of the restaurant. 
Team B.Sheikh with Owner Mr. Kamran Afzal and Team Transmedia

Once seated and delicious food in our plates, Mr. Kamran proceeded to tell us about his cuisines, discussing in great detail the menu, the service, the concept behind cooking and the ingredients that went into different dishes. Just so you know, his staff if fully trained and gets a refresher course brought in Thailand and China to maintain the quality.
Team B.Sheikh with Owner, Mr. Kamran Afzal

Mr. Kamran is so passionate about the right ingredients that he especially imports certain raw vegetables and now grows his own Basil; seeds straight from Thailand, to give the perfect aroma,taste and authentic feel of the cuisine. This goes to show how dedicated he is.

All through our childhood, we have visited Thailand on and off. Since our family lived there, we had hands on experience with the street food, dealing with locals for months so yes we could clearly taste memories on our taste-buds.

The Lunch Buffet they were offering consisted of a complete range of Salads to Main Course from rice to noodles, chicken and beef. My favourite ones were Red Curry, Kung Pao, Chowmein and the best part was that nothing was overly seasoned.

After we were done with food, we were given a tour of the premises and guess what surprise was in store for us. Apart from being a Restaurant, Mr. Kamran also offers the facility of lodging and 24 Hour service of food. YES!! Imagine you can order Thai food anytime!
 The overall architecture gives a very spacious feel and the walls plus light fixtures are custom made with Bamboo being focus.

 Now about the hotel/lodging. Offers a total of 14 rooms from Standard to Premium. Then there is the hall which can accommodate upto 175 persons.
Outdoor sitting arrangement
So if you have any occasion be it Birthdays to small wedding parties, this is the place to be.
The Hall
The hotel as you can see in the pictures has a very luxurious and modern feel to it. If you have guests coming from abroad then you can always have them stay here.

All in all, if you haven't visited this place,then we think you should.

Hope you enjoyed this article.
Much love,
Team B.sheikh.

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