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Words that stuck by - "Pathetic Work"

I was 11 years old when I received this comment on my artwork. Having little clue as to what the word meant and how it will stick with me in the coming years, I went home and asked my sister what the word meant. My family was appalled at the remark and explained it very nicely that my artwork was not appreciated by my teacher and that it’s okay if she did not like it, don’t feel disheartened by the remark. The assignment was basically to fold glaze paper and cut out a design (Yes, I remember the details). I chose a pink sheet, folded it and started to cut it out. What turned out was some sort of a lizard on four sides of the sheet. I tried a couple of more times but none of the designs came out with a pattern. The next day I handed over my artwork and voila, “PATHETIC WORK” graced my sketch-book.
11 years is a very impressionable age, an age where you are still in between being a child and adolescent. You look up to your parents, family, teachers to guide you, to nurture you, be a ro…

DYOT kurta

Hello guys! How are you all?! First of all let me welcome all of you BEAUTIFUL People to my blog world. This is my first post, so I am pretty excited to share with you bits and pieces of my life!
I will be talking about this lawn Kurta I received from our local Pakistani brand "Do Your Own Thing". This brand is contemporary, edgy, vibrant, feminine and trendy. It has a slight high neck, with bell sleeves and comes to my mid-thigh. It has a very Mughal feel to it with a floral pattern.
Thank you DYOT for sending this through! Really appreciate it:) Wore it on Day 1 of PLBW 2016( PFDC Loreal Paris Bridal Week), Lahore.
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