Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Samsung QLED Launch

Hey you tech-savvy peeps! Guess what? Samsung has launched their amazingly featured QLED TV and yes we attended the launch! It was held at Nishat Emporium Banquet Hall and the event was organized and PR handled by Jb n Jaws and Cartel PR respectively.

Sister Duo

Blue carpet host for the night was Maham Amjad and co-host on the stage was  Mikaal Zulfiqar (actor). Special performance was by Hadiqa Kiani  and to tell you the truth, she sung beautifully! Celebrities spotted at the event  were Nouman Javed, Mira Sethi, Ahmed Ali Butt and Junaid Khan.

MR.YJ KIM AND MR. KH PARK Samsung Officials

Team B.Sheikh with Sophiya Anjum(RJ) RJ Rizwan

The new LED TV boasts: 
*Q Style
*Q Picture 
*Q Smart 

 You will find enhanced features like HDRContrast, limitless color at any brightness level, one remote to control all devices and no-gap wall mount is another interesting feature of this TV.

Innovation at it's best

Mikaal Zulfiqar
Maham Amjad

What's more is that one wire connects all and  it's practically invisible. In other words your living room is clutter free and you won't trip over all those wires. the TV provides true-to-life picture quality and yes we could see the difference between different setsof TVs at display.

RJ Rizwan, Bushra Sheikh and Sophiya Anjum

Most entertaining part of the night were the lucky draws in which people got a chance to win TVs. Yaaaas. 10 lucky winners won different TV sets. There were tears, light-hearted fun to keep the audience entertained. The delicious food served at the launch was the cherry on top. 
That is it for now. 
Enjoy the Pictures!
Ahmed Ali Butt
Imad Waseem( Cricketer)
Nauman Javed (Singer)

Amazing performance by Hadiqa Kiani

Mira Sethi ( Actress)
Junaid Khan (Singer/Actor)

Till next time, 
Team B.Sheikh

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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Aura in the Air

Hey all! Warda and I attended *Aura Crafts Kiosk Store Launch* at Emporium Mall here in Lahore, their first ever physical store and we had a lovely time. Event was organized by Jb and Jaws and PR handled by Cartel PR.
Selfie Alert-Team B.Sheikh with Team Aura Crafts

Bushra with Team Aura Craft

What is Aura Crafts?

Its a 100 percent Organic Skin and Hair Care company. The brand started from the owner's kitchen 6 years ago. The family is a strong advocate of DIY (Do it yourself) theory and experimenting new techniques. Whats beautiful about their brand is that whatever new product they are trying or coming up with, they test it on their family and friends hence supporting the concept of cruelty-free products and taking in consideration the opinions of their support system.
Sister Duo

We spoke with the owners, Saweela Khan(mother)and Fatima Khan (daughter). Loved how excited Fatima was in explaining about their brand. A lot of product knowledge has gone in to the brand and it shows.
Bushra trying out body butter

These paraben-free products are 100% Natural, safe to use and non-toxic. They have over 40 products namely soapsbody butterbody washlip balmsshampoosscrubs (which are 99.8% natural as they contain potassium sorbate, a preservative to keep the product from spoiling) etc. Some of the oils used such as Argan and Almond Oil are pressed and cold pressed in their own processing unit located at Multan road, Lahore and some are imported from different countries.

Scrub made from  Neem tree leaves, handpicked from their own garden

Saweela Khan showing 

Shampoos and Lip Balms display
Aura Crafts is a team of 15 hardworking people. Their whole setup all about minimalism, from the packaging to Kiosk which by the way has been designed by Ghayyoor Obaid of Goarchitects 
(Fatima's Husband).

Warda with Team Aura Crafts

Body Wash display

Did you know that Aura Crafts has created the much needed mosquito repellent balm by the name Repello. Here is how it came into existence. Fatima contracted Dengue Virus and was against to using all these medicated potions. Once she recovered, she asked her father who BTW is a Pharmaceutical Professional to come up with a product which would protect one from getting dengue and repel these mosquitoes away. That's just great isn't it!
Mosquito Repellent

We received a beautiful giveaway from Aura Crafts. 6 circular bars of scented soaps; Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint. Very strong smell but not unpleasant. Currently using  lemon soap bar. Very refreshing and smells amazing. Have been using since a couple of days and so far not harsh on the skin at all. At the event we purchased their newly introduced Paradise Aloe Vera and Apple Body Wash. Will be sampling their Charcoal, Almond, Goat Milk and Oat Meal soaps. 


Have to mention this. Know that everyone has different skin types. What might work for us might not work for you and vice versa. You can find Aura Crafts on Facebook and Instagram.

That's it for now. Hope you all enjoyed the Blogpost.

Till Next Time,
Team B.Sheikh.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Success Party Dinner of Lajwanti by Ana Ali

Lajwanti a household name for decades. What comes to mind? Traditional and classic clothes at its best. Who or what is Lajwanti? If you want to know then keep on reading. 
Ana Ali of Lajwanti

Team B.Sheikh was invited by Mishall-e-Hira of Dext Events and PR to celebrate the success of back to back fashion shows by Lajwanti namely Qatar Fashion Week, Pakistan Fashion Week London and Arab Fashion Week  at Ana Ali's residence.
Team B.Sheikh with Mishalle Hira of Dext Events and PR
Who is Ana Ali? Well SHE is the designer behind Lajwanti. Did you also think that Lajwanti was the name of the designer? Well no honey bunches its not!

In conversation with Ana Ali who we must say is a brilliant hostess and a very hospitable individual,  explained the concept behind the name Lajwanti. Lajwanti is basically the color magenta and thats where Ana derives her inpiration from. For years we used to think its an elderly person who has a design legacy to be taken over by her generations to come. But no that is not the case. 

Ana Ali proudly flaunting her Wedding Dress
We got to know about her design philosophy and how she got started. She told us that it was all because her own wedding gown that she designed 22 years ago for her wedding. Supported and encouraged by her husband who also was a part in designing her bridal dress. Ana showed us her bridal dress. as you can see in the above picture, even after two decades the kaam and detailing is intact and way modern for that era. From then on-wards her career took off  and up-till now Lajwanti has had successful shows and her brand name is recognized in every household of Pakistan and internationally as well.
Warda of B.Sheikh with Ana Ali of Lajwanti
Now about her collection. The mannequins displayed at her residence were all about subdued elegance and class. What we liked about her work was that Ana Ali blends in the color scheme with the embellishments. You'll know that there is work on the dress but not up in the face . In other words it all jells in perfectly.

You'll be shocked to know that Ana Ali is a Home Economics Major yet her heart took her to designing. what ever was on the dinning table was cooked and prepared by her own hands and it was delicious! 

Team B.Sheikh thoroughly enjoyed her company. Totally loved that she was very forthcoming in sharing her journey with us. Recently she showcased her work in Orlando.

 Ana keep on making Pakistan proud. Thank You for having us over.


Till next time,

Team B.Sheikh

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Monday, 17 July 2017

A Breath-Taking Collection by Murtaza Hussain

Hey all! Hope your week took off with a great start! Yet again we are about to share some details regarding clothes, specifically womens-wear!
We are talking about Murtaza Hussain who held a bloggers meet and greet in Ramadan at Tehzeeb on MM Alam Road, Lahore. The event organized by Transmedia Digital.
Before we get to the collection, a little detail about Murtaza himself. A PIFD (Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design) graduate, Murtaza started working for Faraz Manan. After working for 4 years with him, Murtaza has now started his own label and you'll find his studio located in Gulberg, Lahore.
Exquisite Formal Wear

Now about the collection. Bushra and I fell in love with the designs! Not one but majority of the clothes at display were beautiful. Collection titled *SATRANGI* was all about delicate embellishments such as Swarovski Crystals, Cut Dana, Sequins work and pearls on the fabric in trend these days i.e embroidered Organza. Pastel colors such as fawn, gold, pink was the theme of Murtaza's collection. Cuts in focus were peplum and boot-cut pants, flared gowns and traditional Lehnga.  
Bushra Sheikh at the bloggers meet and greet

We asked him about his inspiration for the collection and his reply was that multi colors and traditional designs from the 70's and 80's era was incorporated with his own unique sense and we totally agree. We could see a re-vamped twist on the clothing. The embellishments and pearl tassels resonated with us and took us back to those times we saw our mother and elders wear such designs on their special occasions. 

Price range for Bridal-Wear starts from  RS 5 Lakh and above, whereas Formal-Wear starts from 1 Lakh and above, Semi-Formal falls between RS 50 thousand to  RS 1 Lakh and Semi Formal Luxury Pret is RS 25,000 and above. Apart from Bridal and Formal wear, orders are done and delivered in 15 to 20 days.

Team B.Sheikh with Murtaza Hussain and Team Transmedia Digital
We loved Murtaza's collection and have our eyes set on a couple of pieces for different occasions. That's it for now. Enjoy the pictures!

Till next time,

Team B.Sheikh

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*Artist behind Paper Talks*

Hey there everyone! Hope your week is going great! We have in store something very artistic for you all! A little break from all those clothing and food posts :D

So Bushra and I had the chance to meet with Atif Ayub of *Paper Talks*.

A very artsy individual. His house is his studio. You'll see Artifacts Figurines, Vases, Pottery in every nook and cranny. Even though Atif is a Marketing and HR major, his heart was set in creating a form of art  specifically known to the Japanese Culture which by the way started as a hobby and now is his career.

Based in lahore, Paper Talks brings the unique and intricate art of *Kusudama Origami*. This paper art requires 60 or more Units,skill, patience, precision and hours to create one item. Seamless joining and you'll find not one piece of paper out of place. Every piece is different. Not only is there paper being used but you'll find beautiful and colorful tassels, ornaments, pearls, gotta, bells which he collects during his travels and incorporates in these statement pieces. 

Every year, Atif Ayub showcases his work at the Daachi Exhibition Also Paper Talks guarantees 5 year warranty of their art.You all can have a look at the exquisite handmade artwork by Paper Talks on their social media pages (Instagram and Facebook).

Enjoy the picture!

Till next time,

Team B.Sheikh

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