Friday, 14 April 2017

Magnum MasterClass by Khadija Shafqat

Hello my beauties!! This Blogpost is completely different from our usual posts and tastier to say the least. the post is about yummilicious chocolaty goodness in the form of MAGNUM!
Khadija Shafqat, Owner  Dessert Directory

My sister Bushra and I were invited by Lotus PR to attend the Magnum Master Class conducted by Khadija Shafqat. Since we have our own Baking Business by the name SugarGlam, saying that we were excited would be an understatement. WHO DOESNT LOVE CHOCOLATE !???! 
Tools of  Drool

Khadija started off with her introduction telling us about her training in Dubai and Paris. She is the owner of Dessert Directory (I like the sound of it) here in Lahore. Khadija started off explaining in great detail about tempering the chocolate on marble, different designs, textures that can be given to chocolate and flavor combinations that work well together. It clearly showed that she was passionate about her work. 
Sister Duo with Khadija Shafqat

 One question that we asked from her was whether she dealt with fondant or not. Her reply was NO, as it compromises the taste the chocolate and is actually unfair to the flavor of the cake and icing. We were glad with her reply because we feel the same way.

Team B.Sheikh with Seyham Vahidy of LotusPR

Team B.Sheikh with Jahanban of LotusPR

Khadija showed us four different pairings of Magnum each exquisite, divine, extremely aesthetically pleasing

Beauty on the Plates

We thoroughly enjoyed the masterclass and yes we got eat Magnum too.

Have a Chocolaty Weekend :D

Till Next Time,
Team B.Sheikh 

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