Thursday, 20 April 2017

Depilex SmileAgain Foundation Prize Distribution Ceremony-Fighters NOT Victims

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This post is going to be on a very serious topic regarding Acid and Burn victims. My sister Warda and I were invited to attend  DSF Prize Distribution Ceremony on Sunday, 17th April 2017 at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club. The project was sponsored by Philip Morris Pakistan Limited.

Since 2003, Depilex Smile Again Foundation is supporting Acid and Kerosene Oil Burn Victims to medical treatment, providing them Psychosocial support and Vocational Training for the rehabilitation in society. 766 victims have been registered and they are treated without discrimination of Caste, Creed and Religion. Many girls have been treated or are at different stages of the medical procedure. In many cases a victim has to go through  multiple surgeries, depending upon the severity of the bands.

Irfan Khoosat(Actor), Waris Baig(Singer),Masarrat Misbah and Ayesha Sana

 Under this project 50 victims have received medical treatment.through this program, 4 Psychosocial Workshops were held in Punjab, SindhKPK including 12 victims in each workshop. 12 burn victims received Beautician Training out of which 8 victims got employment and the remaining victims have their own salons.

Team B.Sheikh with Masarrat Misbah (President DSF)

These women are truly fighters. The physical and mental trauma that these women go through is just in-explainable and by looking at them they have come out stronger than ever hearing. Maimoona and Noreen's stories shook us to the core, that life is not a Fairy-Tale. Sometimes to believe in them is okay but one should not be blind to the harsh realities of life. What was hair-raising was that random people did not throw acid but it was either the husband, brother, family members or the in-laws

Team B.Sheikh with Ayesha Sana( Host/Actor)

The purpose of this event was to encourage and express support for acid burn victims who have completed their vocational training and self reliant business plan of education.  Mr Shekhar called these women Fighters instead of Victims, a strong and powerful word appreciated by all present at the ceremony. Khwaja Salman, Punjab Health Minister ,Chief Guest on this occasion he also condemned the heinous crime of acid throwing in particular and violence against women in general

This is the reality. Hats off to Masarrat Misbah and her team for commendable efforts.From taking the girls and women under her wing to giving them the proper treatment to educating them and giving them skills and hope is just beautiful worthy of praise. 

Khawaja Salman,Punjab Health Minister

Please contribute to Depilex SimleAgain Foundation in any way that you can.  We hope and Pray that this foundation keeps on doing wonderful things and bringing the glimmer of happiness in the eyes of these Fighters.

 Until next time,
 Much love,

Team B.Sheikh.

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