Friday, 17 February 2017

Physiogel 14 Day Challenge.

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well!

 I have always been into skin care, testing out the products knowing about them
reading about ingredients product manufacturing directions for use expired. Like in depth.

Day 1 of challenge

  So when Talking Point PR Company sent me the Physiogel Care Basket, I was very excited since I had used their body lotion. I have an oily skin prone to breakouts and yes I tend to over scrub leading to dry  and tight skin. Since it is a GSK stiefel product range I was happily on board with the 14 day challenge. To be honest I have always appreciated Physicians Formula as it has always

suited my skin.

 Slowly and gradually I started seeing the change in my skin as it was less flaky, less dry patches, eliminating the redness. My personal favorites are the Night Cream, Daily Moisture and the Light Day Cream has been my Holy Grail before I apply my makeup.
Why? Because it provides
2.My Foundation goes on smoothly
3.Less dry patches are visible.

I suggest, you my ladies check Physiogel out. Hope you all enjoyed my blog post. Much love.

Team B.Sheikh.

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