Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Hi Y'all! Welcome to my Blog. So today I have a special something to share with you. I'll be discussing the ever famous Duraline by Inglot.

I'm telling you all that this is a LIFE-SAVER. And why is that? Because this potion of 9 ml/0.30 oz with just a drop can enhance, fix and prolong your makeup/makeup products. The consistency is thick and it's a clear liquid. To be more specific, here is what it says on the packaging:

A drop of your Duraline mixed with a makeup product of your choice:

  • creates a liquid waterproof product 
  • improves application 
  • prolong life of makeup 
  • enhances the colors 

The bottle is a clear glass and comes with its own black dropper which is a win-win for us as it's a cap and a dropper all in one so you don't have to go through the hassle of uncapping and arranging a separate tool or dropper to do the deed.

My experience with Duraline has been pretty satisfactory. Below I have attached images and videos of the makeup products I have used this magic potion on.

Here as you can see that my ArtistInk gelliner by Luscious Cosmetics was pretty much dry.

In order to bring it back to its former glory, I added just a drop of Duraline and mixed it. Not only it smoothened out the gelliner but brought back its deep, dark pigment.

Next I used Duraline to fix my Radiance Ethereal Glow Blush by Masaraat Misbah. It had completely crumbled and to fix it I had to use comparatively more drops than the gelliner.
                  Beauty meme

 Here is a picture and a video for your viewing.
Fixing the Blush


You can also use Duraline to turn your Eyeshadows into eyeliners. Yes, you read that right! Surprising isn't it. You just have to add a drop to your favorite eyeshadow and you're ready with the liner of the day. In the picture below I used Duraline to create a brown liner as I don't own one, from my Morphe 35W Palette.

Also my Kryolan Paint Stick had run dry because of the dry weather and for coverage, I added a drop of Duraline to it to make it easy to spread as is visible in the above image.

So ladies these were the four ways that I tested Duraline on my makeup products. If your mascara is running dry, you can add a drop or depending upon the state of mascara,drops, to it as well.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did while experimenting and compiling. Until next time.

Warda Saeed Shaikh

Monday, 28 November 2016

Beauty Reveal of HD Paint Stick by Stageline Professional

Hello ladies, welcome back to my blog!
Whenever I get an invitation by Beauty Hooked and Transmedia, I instantly know that something big is coming next!
I got the prettiest invite ever!

 It had a beautiful orangey coral shade of lipstick by Stageline Professional and the details regarding the beauty reveal!

On 23rd  November, me and my sister Warda  Saeed attended the event at Nishat Hotel, organized by Beauty  Hooked and Digital Pr handled by Transmedia.

There the CEO and Director of Stageline Professional revealed the HD Paint Stick!!

It's a build able full coverage foundation with colors ranging from natural, Ivory, light yellow, light beige, light pink, orange, warm beige, and golden beige.

Makeup artist Nina G then gave makeovers to the models, discussing the product range and application. What I really like about this event was the bloggers and media personnel were being educated about the cosmetic line.

(From L to R: Usman Abbas and Rabia Usman, directors, Mr. Rehmani, CEO, and Farhat, makeup artist).

 Rabia usman, the director was very forthcoming with questions and details.

(From L to R: ,Warda, Rabia, me and Sahr)

 We then tested out the cosmetic line. Brilliant pigmentation, available at all the leading stores of Lahore. That's good news ladies!
Here I am testing the X-Fix Lips( long lasting liquid lipsticks)

(L to R: Rabia usman, Nina G and Sahr)

Me and Warda with the Team of Tansmedia, Farhan Hafeez and Raja Babar.

I would suggest to check out Stageline Professional' s profiles on Facebook  and Instagram.

Bushra Sheikh.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Dil ki Qasam

Hello people!

Welcome to my blog again!

This post will be a bit different.

You know how there are days when you feel down and out, and are too hard on yourself? You think you are up to no good? Always questioning yourself? Yeah, sounds familiar, right?

Well, I was watching this song on t.v., midway into it, I saw Noori guys running on the beach with Sara haider. I was like what is this. I increased the volume, they were singing ' hum dunya badal dein gay' and 'roti yaadon ko bhulain gay hum'.



That just did it for me!

The song was Dil ki Qasam, by Noori and Sara Haider for Miss Veet Pakistan.

It just radiated positive vibes! I found it to be motivational!

The song is composed by Shuja Haider and Shani, video by Aleena Naghman.

Good song, good video!
Here is the link for the full song
Check out the video you guys!

Official Brand Launch of Samhan Housing

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog again!
On the 19th November 2016, I attended the official brand launch of Samhan Housing at Royal Palm, Lahore.

Mr.Saleem Hanif, CEO Samhan Group of Copmanies handing prize over to the Lucky Draw Winner.

Farhan Hafeez

Raja babar

Digital PR was done by Transmedia.

 The host of the evening was Ahmed Butt,

various performers were there including Honey Albela, Humaira Arshad, Omar
Malik and Abrar ul Haq.

The event was attended by property dealers, investers and buyers.

Humaira Arshad( Singer)

                      Abrar Ul Haq (Singer)

Omar Malik (Singer)

 Kulsoom and Farhan at the event of Samhan Housing.

                     The Grand setup

Me, Arsalan and Warda attended the event.

A successful launch, with entertainment and business discussions. For more details, checkout their website :

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Bloggers meet up with Saleem Hanif of Samhan Group of Companies

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog!

A couple of days back I got a very exclusive invite by Transmedia for bloggers meet up with Samhan Group of Companies at Verandah Bistro, Lahore.

I was looking forward to it be since I have no clue about real state and property.
There I met with the team of Samhan Group, hardworking and dedicated professionals!

Saleem Hanif, then told about himself and his different projects. Let me tell you guys one thing, from what I observed was that he was a driven and a motivated person. He has served with Pakistan Army as commissioned officer till 2008. He then entered formally into real estate business in 2014 by coventing with Pakistan Air Force for their brand fazaia housing scheme. his project's are in Gujranwala and Sargodha.

His successful Ventures include creative cerebrum which provides Media Solutions, House of Samhan, Samhan technologies and also working on a high budget feature film.

Mr. Saleem's next Visionary Masterpiece will be La vida, this project will deal in luxury farm houses and wellness resort.

You will be seeing Samhan housing in Attock, Islamabad and Lahore.

Please checkout their website for further details.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

My Spa experience at Amina.Z Salon.

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog again. I am going to share with you all my experience at Amina.Z Salon.

First of all, thanks to Beauty Hooked for arranging such a beautiful event!

Bloggers and media Personnel were invited to avail the services by Transmedia.

It's a purpose-built salon and spa. Multiple storeys dedicated to hair care,manicure and pedicure, haircut plus hair styling, makeup, Bridal Services, bridal room and Spa!!

I was welcomed by the lovely girls of beauty hooked and the team. I was given the option of services to choose from. I went for a pedicure, then I was taken to the first floor where already bloggers were getting pampered.

I totally enjoyed my service! All in all, it was a good event! More power to Transmediapk and Beauty Hooked!


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