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Inglot Masterclass by Aleksandra Byra, Nishat Hotel, Lahore

For a beauty blogger, nothing is more exciting than attending a worthwhile makeup Masterclass! So you all can imagine how thrilled I was when I got invited to Inglot Masterclass by Aleksandra Byra on the 21st October 2017 at Nishat Hotel, Lahore. Whoooppii! Girls do you want to know the tips and tricks that were shared? Then read on!

Bushra Sheikh with Aleksandra Byra

Before I move on to the Masterclass and yummy makeup deets, here is a little detail about Aleksandra . She flew in from Poland to Pakistan and this is not her first time visiting our country. This being her third tour to Pakistan from the platform of Inglot, Aleksandra shared her experience of our culture and country. “Lovely experience in Pakistan, colorful people(skin tones), colourful clothes, colorful houses” says Aleksandra.  When I asked Aleksandra about the sort of food she liked, her reply was “I am quite a foodie and love to experiment different food.A huge fan of gol gapas and had an amazing food experience at Do-Darya, Seaview Karachi. Enjoyed drinking the special kawa and local street food”. She was quite mesmerized by the elaborate weddings in Pakistan and since she is observant by nature when it comes to colors, she found the Pakistani women and their skin tones beautiful and that she enjoyed creating makeup looks on them.

Maestro at work

Aleksandra has experience of 10 years in the field. “I worked really hard” says Aleksandra. She started very young and has a great deal of experience in special effects makeup. Aside from makeup Aleksandra has done many photo-shoots and has experienced runway as well. While discussing makeup she relayed “I love working with ordinary woman. They are more thankful for the transformation”. During her first visit to Pakistan, Aleksandra was conducting an exercise on Confidence in Karachi. She stated that the Pakistani women were already confident and stood out in public. Thumbs-up ladies!!
Shumaila, Brand Manager Inglot and Bushra 

This girl is always on the go. She believes that  travelling is enriching for the soul. "New experiences change you and I come back home as a changed person",stated Aleksandra. FYI she is a Landscape Architect but LOVES makeup!

"I really don't understand plants I started modelling for photo shoots and having makeup transformation done on me"she stated.

Why the shift to makeup from modelling? "When you are a model you have no voice.  I started doing makeup, did free makeup photo shoots and gained experience. Soon really good projects started coming my way. My sister shaved her head for me and I created a Star Wars themed look, such was her support for me. I then became the Makeup Trainer at Inglot and let me tell you my first session was really horrible but I still did not give up my dream.I have access of makeup at my place and I give makeup to those makeup artist who don't have access to good makeup." 

5 years ago Aleksandra became trainer at Inglot and I'll share with you all what she shared with us in the MasterClass! Get ready ladies! lot Diamond face shape is my personal favourite face shape".

First off she emphasized on using eye-shadow primer. She stated that it gives a lot of play area for the eye shadow to settle down and good color pay-off. Having tried this personally, I agree with her.
"Don't change the face completely " stated Aleksandra. Since I am big on using bronzer, she suggested to use " Bronzer No 3 (Inglot)It is far better than tanning. .It's definitely a sun-kissed shade adds a nice golden touch to the face and body."

Look NO. 1 was Blush Bomb. "Without blush you look dead. I wanted to create something different with Inglot Blushes." She started from the eyes and  was least concerned if a mess was being created as it can be cleaned and creativity is un-inhibited."I use a lot of fluffy brushes. Big brushes make everything easy". Aleksandra created a shiny and colorful eye look starting off with * What a Spice* collection which was a hit collection worldwide.  

"For the blush I am going to be using orange and red blush apply on the cheek bone and take a little bit of yellow and blend all the blush colors together".

Aleksandra used cinnamon tone on the lid and blended the eye-shadow in a wind-shield wiper motion in the crease as she was going for a well blended makeup look . "I don't care about the fall out and I interchange my fluffy brushes creating depth in the socket." She gave a tip that if you are using loose pigment then one can always use duraline. Since she was going for a softer shiny eye lid, Aleksandra opted for an eye-shadow keeper i.e eye-shadow primer. On the lower eye lid, she used dry eye shadows and black kajal in the outer corner lash line and blended it all with t53  brush.  "Makeup is not about symmetry. Its about balance", shares Aleksandra about her trainer. 

An important tip she shared with us was that while using camouflage concealers only a small amount should be applied. "Don't cake up the eyes because the dark circle area is a very sensitive area ". She also busted the myth of Instagram makeup gurus. "They use a lot of concealer under the eyes. Use tinted cream as a base, primer, just a thin layer and apply it with a fan brush". For that she guided to use shade number 81 from Inglot.
To finish off the look, on the lips she used a bright long lasting shade, first mixing lip oil with the lipstick, a trick that she shared with us.

Throughout the session Aleksandra was generous in sharing tips and tricks with us such as to always follow the natural eyebrow shape,  use disposable brushes on the clients,  put mascara on the palette and judge how much you actually want and then go in and apply more if there is a need.

I thoroughly enjoyed the exclusive MasterClass conducted by the lovely Aleksandra! Oh and yummy food by Bistro at Nishat Hotel was served. What a way to end the session! Enjoy the pictures ❤

Hope you all enjoyed this Blogpost, 

Until next time
 Much Love,
Team B.Sheikh.

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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Redah Misbah- The Spectacular Business Woman behind Sante-The Salon

Don't you just feel great when you come across people especially women who have achieved milestones in life at a young age that too from hard-work.  The personality who we had conversation with is not only humble to the core but has an extremely warm persona.We are talking about none other than Redah Misbah of Depilex Group. Yes, she is the daughter of Masarrat Misbah, one of the most influential females in Pakistan! Redah has appeared in print magazines, been on television and is pretty active on social media as well. Team B.Sheikh sat down with her at her beautiful salon, Sante- The Salon ,here in Lahore. She was very open and forthcoming regarding her interview and made us feel right at home.

Team B.Sheikh with Redah Misbah of Depilex Group

About her academics, Redah did her schooling from ChoueifatConvent of Jesus and Mary (CJM), Lahore and  Washington International School, Karachi. She is certified in Cosmetology and Beauty Therapy from the Ray Cochrane Beauty School , is a qualified hair dresser from Vidal Sassoon UK,  has attended the Joe Blasco Institute in Orlando, and get this guys, she is a qualified special effects make-up artist! How many people do you know who are SFX specialists?! Also Redah has received her qualification from  Commission International of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) and is also CIDESCO qualified. Safe to say she is best at what she does!
Not only has Redah worked in Hollywood but has interned doing special effects makeup! GOT to see this girl in her element!

A tomboy at heart who had no interest in makeup and hair as a child, one would think this girl would have no clue about the beauty world but she has her degrees to prove her talent. Starting with one Kajal and one Mac blush brush, Redah's portfolio now is full of some amazing work with known people of the industry. The clicking point for her was when she was sitting in one of her classes abroad and realized that this was it . "I have to make in the field of beauty and hair. Cosmetology school is not easy . There is  proper science (physiology, anatomy, nerves, muscles) involved in cosmetology makeup course",says Redah. 

Depilex Group of companies was established in 2013. They have around 62 branches, making it the leading salon in Pakistan and to run this empire requires a lot of hard-work. Redah stressed that time management is the key which she practices both in her personal life as well as work-place. "My work is my haven. To create an environment is like a sanctuary. In order to build a positive environment, one needs to have a passion, have a vision and materialize that vision", says Redah. 
Redah and Bushra

Now coming to Sante- the Salon. It has an emotional bond. While Depilex was based in Karachi, started in late 80's, Sante was established in the early 90's in Lahore. It had 
trained ,qualified, uniformed  professionals. However it was shutdown in 1993 as all energy and focus was required for Depilex." I grew up in Sante", shares Redah hence the emotional bond.   

In 2009 Redah met Shammal Qureshi and in 2011 shaadi happened. The couple has two cute children, one daughter and one son.

Being Beauty Bloggers, we of course asked Redah questions which we are sure you all will find interesting to read.

B:Your personal favorite haircut?
R: A nice angled graduated bob which became my signature. If you recall Quratulain Baloch's haircut , well I cut it and people used to come and request for that specific haircut.

B: Personal favorite Makeup Look? 
R: Super blended smokey brown eyes.

B: Pet Peeves? 
RWrongly cleaned manicure/pedicure tools, no disinfection, denim wax strips, not washing makeup brushes, sponges and beauty blender thoroughly, leftover hair in hair-brush, putting the hand directly in the hand cream or gel pot! Use a spatula  for cleansing and facials for god's sake!
Redah posing away with Sugarglam goodies

B. Any beauty regimen that you swear by or is your holy grail?
R. You will not believe how horrible of an acne I had in my childhood. Kids bullied and called me danedar chai and I was really ashamed of my skin. I went to all the dermatologists and  tried their prescriptions but nothing worked for me. 
This is when I came up with a solution for my own skin type and developed a skin care regimen. I started cleansing, scrubbing, using a toner and moisturizer that suited my skin. No matter what anyone is saying, try and experiment with different products and come up with your own personalized skin care routine. Also don't sleep with makeup on and be consistent with your skincare.

B. What is Masarrat Misbah Makeup (MMMakeup) for you?
R. Sweat and blood, heart and soul. Not just some random business plan. Years of hard-work, research and development. Entire family is on board be it khalas, cousins and everyones' approval counts.

B. Go to product from the makeup line are?
R.Silk Pressed Powder in Rich Nude, Liquid Lipstick in Fuchsia Rouge. From the Lip Varnishes, I  like Uptown Girl and Afghan Rose and of course the Silk foundation.
Interview gamestrong

B.Apart from Masarrat Misbah Makeup?
R. Estee Lauder -Double Wear Foundation, Benefit Mascara- They are Real.Vaseline lip therapy. Not too big on perfumes. Don't really  have a favorite. Strawberry scrub by Guinot, it is absolutely amazing! And Shea butter from Gilden Tree

B. Anything in the pipe line currently?
R. Contouring paletteYes girls, you read that RIGHT! We feel honored to be sharing the dibs on the latest makeup product soon to be introduced by Masarrat Misbah Makeup!

B. Any crazy client /fan experience?
R. Client, it was an apple cut and she was insistent in going super short in the back, fringes in the front and layered sides framing the face. We had a ball of a time discussing the apple cut ! Redah had freshly come from abroad from training and the apple cut lady was one of her first clients and demanded this hairstyle. Till this day she is my client.(Apple Cut mastered!)
As far as fan moment is concerned, an air hostess came up to me and said that I am a huge fan of yours and I read The Redah Misbah Factor Blog religiously. I was like reallyyyy!
Redah with her cute daughter Zoay

B. How do you juggle career and personal life?
R. I know how to manage time. I know my priorities and family comes first. 

B. What do you look for an employee while hiring?
R. An inkling of passion because we need to see a drive, a dedication. No matter if the skills are missing but if the spark to excel is there, then we hire them. We start from scratch, train them and groom them according to our philosophy.We have had girls come in who did not know the basics of services and now they are franchise owners of Depilex. 

B.What does the word Team mean to you?
R. Most important. Being a Team Leader, I find that your work force, your employees are the main engine of your business. Their work eventually leads to success. You just have to guide them, nurture them and polish their skills.When I received the Ponds Award , I dedicated that achievement to my team because  they made up 80 percent of my award.

B.How many people(employees) do you have on board?
R. Roughly 20 plus in every salon (Depilex, Sante and The Lounge).

B.Why don't you do makeup if your primary training is in SFX Makeup?
R. As an artist there is much more creative freedom with hair, very adventurous,  from people getting graduated bobs to pixie cut, it provides space for me to do something I am passionate about. People put their trust in me and I find it truly humbling that they come to me for their signature cuts.
These two are love!

B.You are Redah Misbah, THE Redah Misbah of the industry. Has it hit you yet?
R. No and it's because of my mother and her upbringing.

To conclude this blogpost we'll just say that it was truly inspirational meeting Redah. To see how far they (Depilex and family) has come is something worth appreciating. She was open about the struggles, highs and lows of life and how much of an effort and hard-work has been invested to bring where Depilex now is, with Sante and The Lounge right behind. Thumbs up to you and your team! More power to you guys!

Hope you all enjoyed this Blogpost, 

Until next time
 Much Love,
Team B.Sheikh.

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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Shoe Box Store Launch Event at MM Alam Road, Lahore.

What comes to your mind when you think about Shoes? Personally speaking when it comes to shoes we opt for foot wear that is not only luxurious/ blingy but also practical and affordable.

On the 13th of October 2017, Shoe Box has opened its new outlet on M.M Alam Road, Lahore and Team BSheikh was invited to attend this grand launch. Mr. Omar Saeed (CEO) was the Chief Guest, country head Mr. Kashif Khawaja along with senior members of management were also present at the occasion. The event was successfully held and it was attended by renowned names from media including celebrities, bloggers and socialites.

Arsalan and Bushra of Team BSheikh and Saeed Anwar Banarsis

is a project of Service Industries Limited. Their idea is to provide one of a kind shopping experience for the entire family under one roof. The brand has successfully established its identity as a multi-brand store with international and local brands showcased at one platform. The brands are as follows:
  • Lark & Finch
  • Mavrik
  • Ace
  • Caprice
  • Beira Rio
  • Ekisha
  • YO!
  • Hudson London

Mavrik Shoes
The M.M Alam Outlet has also introduced fashion apparel to their shelves. Currently it has Levis, Denizen and Dockers in men’s range and various high-end women’s brands.

We were greeted by the dedicated and hardworking team of professionals of Shoeboxwhere they showed us the different brands they now has on board.

Bushra with Hamna-Social Media Mangaer (Shoebox)

I am sure all of you must have come across their famous tagline #bohotjootayparayhain right?! From marketing point of view, I must say this was a very clever approach and is what attracted us when it opened!

Bushra Sheikh with Qudsia (Brand Manager Shoebox) and fellow bloggers
As a consumer, ever since Shoebox has opened, I have purchased a couple of pairs from them. Their wedgesflats and good all old sneakers; which I wear day in day out, are very comfortable and very nicely made.

I am sure most of you must have checked this shoe brand's collection. Those who haven't, then do visit.
Hope you enjoy this post!

 Until next time
 Much Love,
Team B.Sheikh.

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Matrix Fitness and Health Meet and Greet

Lately there has been a boom in the fitness industry. Proper and well equipped gyms have sprung up with not only great trainers but they actually know what they are doing. Its not touch and go on the treadmill and doing a couple of reps of dumbbells anymore. The game is up now. So people If you are a fitness junkie and are looking for a gym then we think that you should try Matrix Fitness and Health Gym in Model Town, Lahore.
The Trainers

On the 13th October, 2017 Matrix held its "Meet and Greet" event  where fitness bloggers and celebrities were invited to discuss the importance of health. The event was powered by Nurpur Low Fat Milk. Currently Nurpur  has a campaign, #HighOnHealth going on which encourages maintaining a healthy lifestyle a much needed push in today's fast-paced life.
 Arsalan and I (Team BSheikh/ Saeed Anwar Banarsis)

The Event was organized by Cybus Digi and  PR was handled by Kluchit Magazine.

While in conversation with Saman Jaffer (the owner) we asked her about the inspiration and motivation regarding the gym.
With Team Matrix, Saman Jaffer and Madiha Khalid

She stated that her brothers' had experienced first hand the modern equipment in Canada during their stay over there and from those experiences they wanted to bring state of the art equipment and technology to Lahore and guess what? They have received such brilliant response in these four months; yes they are 4 months young, that they are expanding and will be including the much needed sauna and swimming pool in the near future.

Arsalan, Mr. Jehanzeb, Maryam and Bushra

Matrix Fitness & Health also has used the opportunity to introduce the audience with a healthy corner on its premises that primarily serves to reinforce the idea that nutrition goes hand in hand with physical exercises!What more do you want! Here is saying  good bye to cheese bread :D
Team BSheikh/Saeed Anwar Banarsis with Mr. Jehanzeb of Kluchit

We also asked her the reason why this gym was called Matrix Fitness and Health? I mean come on its not only us who thought it was somehow related to THE MATRIX MOVIE! LOL!
Mahwish and Bushra with fellow Bloggers

Saman explained it by stating that  all the equipment in their gym at the moment  is by the brand Matrix!! Well there you go. There is no Neo involved 

Mr. Hasan of Kluchit and Madiha Khalid

The event concluded with amazing treats by Dessert Directory, Prime Edibles.
Lovely treats by Dessert Directory Prime Edibles
Beautiful Floral Arrangements

 Don't forget to check out Matrix Fitness and Health's  official website! Look them up guys!!

Arsalan and I great time conversing with them and we wish them all the very best!

Until next time,
Much love,
Team B.Sheikh

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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Meet Madiha Saail, The Artistic Pharmacist behind Project Rich!

WHO does not love Bling and that too statement jewelry pieces??  If you are a jewelry junkie like us BSheikh sisters, then you must be aware of beautiful statement jewelry that is being adorned on the Red Carpet,Fashion Shows, Shoots and events !!! We are talking about none other than Madiha Saail of Project Rich people!
Madiha Saail of Project Rich

A hard core Lahori who is a proud Pakistani! Yaaaaaasss! She wholeheartedly believes in *be Pakistani, buy Pakistani*!We felt honored that she so warmly welcomed us to her home and was very forthcoming about her life! Must say, it was a Sunday well spent.

About Madiha. She did her schooling from Convent of Jesus and Mary, Lahore Grammar School and did her Pharmacy from Punjab University. Can you believe it?! A student of pure Sciences all her life always who always dream't of becoming a doctor not only pursued her artistic passion but she also practices as a pharmacist here in Lahore! She works from 9 to 5 at her grandfather's factory, Shahzoo Zaka, of Mian Zaka Rahman. And get this, the factory was founded in 1951 and started off with Anti Tuberculosis Drugs! That is just brilliant!!
Team B.Sheikh with Madiha Saail of Project Rich

She is patriotic to the core and you can also see in her work, her home and her family! If you follow her on Instagram you will know what we are talking about!
When she was around 17 years of age, Madiha started off with making embroidery and patterns with her mother, Aasia Saail who BTW is a designer and a pharmacist as well!! Her early training years were from England and Germany in the early 90s.
Bushra in deep conversation with Madiha

Madiha credits her drive, motivation and passion to the strong women of her family who have set such high benchmarks for her and she feels that she has to keep on going and prove to herself that she can do and achieve a lot in life!

Ring with a beautiful Calligraphy 

Regarding Project Rich and how it came about? Well Madiha and her best friend (business partner) started off by making home decor including lamps, candle stands, wall hangings along with budget makeovers. Guys, they had sold out exhibitions! Isn't that great! And the best part about Project Rich is that they wanted to showcase Pakistani talent, the woodwork and what Pakistan has to offer in the field of fashion and the rich heritage that comes along with it.
Signature B.Sheikh Selfie with Madiha
After her business partner went off to pursue his career, she became more focused on jewelry as it came naturally to her. Project Rich became more mainstream in 2013 and when their AZADI LINE/ PATRIOTIC LINE came out, it was their claim to fame!! From then on customized orders started coming in. Every year they add new pieces to their Azadi Line!! Majorly they receive orders of names and calligraphy and a significant chunk of orders are from Karachi and now Lahore too amongst other cities. Not only does Project Rich receive orders within Pakistan but her passion  has also spread world wide!!:) Feeling so proud!!

She says that her family, especially her husband, Fahad Farooq supports her! That's why Project Rich has taken off the way it has! They run it as a team and it clearly shows in their work!

Coming to her likes/ dislikes/ pet peeves, Madiha was very candid! She said she hates lizards and cockroaches and won't go into a room if there are creepy crawlies roaming around! So cute!! She also said that she cannot work with disorganized people and have no room for disorderliness in her life! Yes girl!Totally agree with you!

Coming to her beauty regimen she said she swears by Vaseline Intensive Care. Like literally that is the best skin-care product. When asked whats in her Makeup Pouch currently, she did a a litle show and tell for us starting with Masarrat Misbah Compact Powder in Medium Beige, Mac pink Blush SpellbinderL'Oreal Super Volume Mascara, Colossal Kajal by Maybelline, Perfume by Burberry -The Beat, Rimmel -Exaggerate Eye Definer, blush brush by Estee Lauder, Masarrat Misbah Gloss in Dahlia, H&M lipstick in Lenox Lounge and Forever 21 Contour and Shade Palette and of course the Beauty Blender had to make an appearance!
Madiha's beauty essentials

Be sure to visit Madiha's page on Instagram. Place your orders and it will be all set and ready in 4 weeks with constant updates from their end and they listen to all the details you require!

What Madiha said at the end of the interview really touched us.
She said: 
 'Whatever struggle that you are going through, you will get through it. Give it time. Life is fluid, nothing lasts forever. This too shall pass and you will come out shining. If you believe it then you can achieve it! Just have faith!'
 The way she said it, touched us!!

Thank you for taking time out for us! Hope you like this blog post guys!
 Until next time
 Much Love,
Team B.Sheikh

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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Willa Hafeez, The Entrepreneur behind BeautyBar.Pk

Hey Heyy! Girls if you are a makeup junkie  like us BSheikh sisters, then you must have heard about Pakistan's premium E-commerce beauty store, the .

Willa Hafeez of BeautyBarPk with Bushra Sheikh of B.Sheikh 

BeautyBarPk owner,Willa Hafeez is the brain behind this online cosmetics store. Get to know a lil about this young entrepreneur in this one-on-one interview!  Read on ladies!

20 Questions with Willa Hafeez

Q1. Initial Schooling?
O and A levels from Beacon House, Lahore ( in pure Sciences). 

Q2. What did you major in? 
In Mathematics from LUMS 
(Our Mathematician is also a beauty buff at heart!)

Q3. First Job?
After graduation I worked with Capital DHS International, 4 years straight i.e from 2012 to 2016

Q4. What made you start your website?
My Passion for Makeup.

Q5. How did you start your website?
I observed that though there were  beauty brands in the market,there was no easy access to them online. I noticed  loads of queries on different beauty forums coming in from different cities and realized a need for an online cosmetics store that could provide affordable cosmetics and an easy access to the females.

Q6. When did you launch Beautybarpk?
I launched Beautybarpk in August 2015.

Q7. How is the response so far?
The response has been GREAT!

Couple of things that we got from Beautybarpk.


Flawless Resurrection 3-Rs 1600

Q8. How many cities does Beautybarpk cater to?
 I feel proud in saying that Beautybarpk caters to 94 cities nation wide, major chunk of orders coming from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other areas such as Mirpur Khas, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Hyderabad.

Q9. How many brands are on board with BeautyBarPk?
BeautyBarPk  has 40 brands on board.
Snail Mask Sheet Skin Damage Care- Rs350 

Q10. Most preferred makeup brands of BeautyBarPk's clients? 
 Makeup Revolution , Wet n Wild, Colourpop and Essence Cosmetics

Q11. Your personal favorites?
Makeup Revolution Highlighters, Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick, Nars Dragon Girl Lipstick and Luscious Brow Designer. 

Colourpop Blotted Lip in Ice cube- Rs 1045

Q12. What are the highest selling products?
Makeup revolution pro illuminate Highlighter, Essence Get Big Lashes and Super Fine Liners which are the pen liners by Essence Cosmetics are what people mostly order.

Pro Clean Soft Cleansing Tissue

Q13. Most Popular Lipshade and brands?
Color pop is the most favorite brand when it comes to lipsticks/lipglosses
Browns- bumble, beeper
Reds- creeper, 
Pinks- mars, donut, sollow
Berries- viper, bad habit
Also Catsuit- Matte Lip Colors

Q14. Which makeup product was Last Year's hyped product?
Contour kits both in powder and palette form were last season's crazy trend-

Q15. Most popular brand in terms of foundations?Foundations by Wet n Wild are the most popular.

Retro Luxe Matte LipKit in Nobel-Rs 950

Q16. Any new brands you have added to your website? 

Recently I have launched Milani Cosmetics.

Q17. Right now the current trend is?
Current trend for Fall/ Winter are  Peach, Burn't oranges, Deep Burgundy Eyes with Gold Liner.

Q18. What are your pet peeves?
When people don't blend their eye shadows. Very up in the face makeup. Blush should be applied on top of the cheeks not the entire cheek. Same for the highlighting. It should not be applied liberally, only the highest points of the face, shoulder and collar bones. Also women generally are not aware of the skills and techniques. Not only this but Instagram Makeup and Daily makeup are not the same thing!
Essence Instant Matte Makeup Setting Spray-Rs 510

Q19. What is the minimum amount of order that you get?
 Average order value is 2500.

Q20. What is in your Makeup Pouch?
Colourpop Creeper, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Ibiza.

Currently Willa has a total  of  two employees  and 2 interns. We wish her more success and we hope that Beautybarpk grows stronger with time! All the best girl!

Willa's parting shot:

"Not everyone is a makeup artist and one goes through a proper learning period."

Hope you all enjoyed this Q&A as much as we did conducting it! Can't wait to try the goodies!!

Till next time, 
Team B.Sheikh

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Depilex Reveal 2017- Spectacular display of Hair and Makeup

Year 2017 witnessed numerous fashion shows, packed with glitz and glamour . Each show was about showcasing the latest designs, whats in and...