Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Veet introduces Veet Academy!

Hello people! Hope all of you are doing great!
I am sure by now all of you are well aware about the brand Veet. It  has become a household name in Pakistan. They are doing so much for young women out there and I thought why not share it with all of you !

Sarwat Gilani-Mentor Veet Academy

Veet is known to come up with  feminine campaigns and programs. The brand understands that beautiful does not stem from physical attributes but the all rounded personality of an individual. Beauty is what’s inside, reflected outside in the best of ways. Therefore, Veet recently introduced its grooming institute called Veet Academy that enables girls to cherish their femininity and helps transform them into
successful, passionate and confident individuals, through online courses.

These courses revolve around five Veet values led by five celebrity experts. The celebrities, who are
living examples of each of these values include, Sarwat Gilani for Confidence Building, Aamina Sheikh for Intelligent Behaviour, Hareem Farooq for Health and Fitness, Sidra Iqbal for Effective Communication and Masarrat Misbah for Charm

The poised Sarwat Gilani, begins the Veet Academy modules by conducting a thorough course on confidence building through digital videos. Through the course, we also discover Gilani’s other passion; her love for Interior Designing. Linking confidence building to interior designing is an interesting way to explain about confidence building
Sarwat therefore believes that colors, patterns and other elements around you can also affect your mood and boost your confidence. Well that is quite true. When you do something that interests you, not only does one feel content but one is also productive where work is concerned.

The course also lays emphasis upon the sphere of self-worth that enables the audience to understand
the importance of discovering self-awareness and self-acceptance. Through the online program, Sarwat is inspiring young women by teaching them how to embrace their lives and making the most of each situation. Hence, the course is a blend of her wisdom and experiences, being imparted towards a younger audience with the hope that it will mould them into a confident being. 

The underlining message is that once you learn to love and accept yourself, you’re headed towards the right track.

To know the rest of her tips, take the course! Watch all the videos at:

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MIY Interiors showcases Furniture at Nishat Hotel, Lahore.

Hello people! Hope all of you are doing well!This blog post us going to be a bit different. If you are a fan of interior decoration, then keep on reading!:)
Arsalan Saeed of Saeed Anwar Banarsis and Bushra Sheikh

I was invited by Mishalle Hira of Dext Events and PR to Nishat Hotel where Mr. Malik Imran Yunus, the man behind the exhibit of furniture was show casing some statement pieces.

As you can see in the pictures, the furniture caters to a very modern niche. The collection gave very urban chic vibes and at display were picture frames, bed sets, trolleys, clocks, coffee table, dining table, sofa sets and much more.

While in conversation with Mr. Malik, I asked him about his inspiration behind the exhibit. He replied by saying that his wife; who was in Dubai, had shown interest in home decor. All of the pieces were hand picked from Europe and Dubai. This was their first exhibit and their brand is only 3 months young.

Personally I liked the mirrors. Not much of an extravagant spender, I felt that it was slightly expensive.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Molty Foam presents Pakistan Wedding Show

Aloha everyone! All set and ready for the week? We sure are! Today we'll share our amazing experience at one of the most successful event held in Lahore at the Expo Center.
Yes we are talking about the Pakistan Wedding Show (PWS)a two-day Molty Foam sponsored event held on the 5th and 6th of August. The PR was handled by Cartel PR. 

We felt that it was a great initiative to bring numerous brands to boost number 1 the Local Businesses and number 2 a convenient platform for families looking for the right caterer, event management company, bridal/groom-wear brands, Jewelry designers, Makeup and salon options, etc. 

Top brands like Republic, ChenOne, HSY, Black Orange, Zarmisha Dar, Meraki, Zara Shahjahan, Reema Ahsan, The Videographers, Whimsical Parties and Interwood along with famous make-up artists such as the Depilex Salon, showcased their skills and talent to the people at their respective booths.

The Pakistan Wedding Show was inaugurated by Abdul Basit (Lahore Chamber of Commerce), who pointed out that, “There was a void in the wedding market and Pakistan Wedding Show in collaboration with LCCI will help fill this void. The event is in line with our vision and plans to meet the needs of ourever-thriving community.”, and Shahzad Malik, (CEO Molty Foam) through a ribbon cutting Opening Ceremony.

Bushra and I had the most fun when we visited first and the foremost Masarrat Misbah's Makeup booth where literally there was no place to walk due to the crowd present to meet and see the most famous name known to every household,the one and only Masarrat Misbah. From product testing to free consultation to bridal bookings, it was all being offered right there and then. And when it comes to makeup  who wouldn't have fun!!
Warda, Redah Misbah, Bushra Sheikh, Masarrat Misbah

Next, us sisters visited W.INC Event's booth. The general theme was set in gold hues and the kiosk was tastefully decorated with white flowers and the smell of Jasmine-Motia  was like a blanket  of fresh air. What we liked about Sahar Shaikh and Nadia Khan of W.INC events was that these girls were very easy to talk to especially when it came discussing clients, their preferences, clients on a budget and that they made sure to accommodate families with the best of packages.

Team W.INC Events with Bushra
Next it was the Crimson Events booth where once again a great deal about the wedding packages, formal occasions setups, catering , minimum to maximum capacity of guests they catered to was briefed. Those of you who have shaadis coming up, PWS was the place to be. So many options to choose from!
Last but not the least we stopped by Project Rich's booth by Madiha Saail Khan. She creates these beautiful statement pieces of jewelry, very on-point and in-trend. We couldn't resist and bought ourselves two pieces from her collection and yes we love wearing them! 
Bushra with Madiha of Project Rich
Beautiful Statement pieces

Bushra with Muneeze Khalid-Dessert Maestro

Rest we wandered around, clicked pictures for y'all so you can enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed visiting Pakistan Wedding Show!

Hope you enjoyed the Blogpost. 

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Team B.Sheikh

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The Linen Company opens door to their 3rd Store in Emporium Mall, Lahore

If you guys LOVE home decor like we do then you are in for a treat!! Do you guys know about The Linen Company? If not then you are in store for a pleasant surprise!!

The Linen Company(TLC) is definitely for people who love home decor and like to decorate their house in pastel, European, floral, minimalistic kind of way.

Bushra Sheikh of B.Sheikh at the Launch of The Linen Company 3rd Store

Following the success of its two flagship stores in Lahore, leading textile giant Nishat Chunian proudly launched the Linen Company's third Store at Emporium Mall, Lahore on the 26th of August 2017 with an introductory discount for 20%!

The latest retail space has been designed in line with the brand philosophy of providing bedding solutions to Urban Chic interiors. The store houses the linen specialist's signature Linen Collections including Everyday Essentials, Hotel Classics, Wedding Bells, Table Linen, high quality and super comfortable towels, TLC teens, TLC babies and kids alongside the Premium Linen Royale Collection which captures the essence of luxury and extravagance guaranteed to add a touch of Royalty and grandeur to your bedroom.

If you have read our previous blogpost on the brand then you'll know that  The Linen Company manufactures and retails premium export quality bed linen in a diverse range of designs that draw inspiration from minimalism both in solid colours and aesthetically designed prints. Employing the finest fibers of 750 to 1000 thread count and highly skilled artisan to craft products that embody luxury, comfort, creativity. The Linen Specialist aim to capture the spirit of all facilities, ages and taste through their innovative designs.
Loving the clean lines of the Outlet

Team B.Sheikh wishes them all the very best and do check out their page on Instagram and Facebook!

Till next time, 
The Sister Duo

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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Physiogel Launches its *Love Your Skin Campaign* with Aisha Khan

Hey there beautiful people! Hope you are all doing great! As you all must have read my previous articles on Physiogel, by now you all  know how much we like their products. Not only are they good for your skin but they cater to all skin types and are easy to use.

I did a campaign couple of months back with Physiogel and like always their creams and lotions turned out great for my skin. I am an avid supporter of good skin care system and Physiogel provides that. 
Aisha Khan-Brand Ambassador Physiogel

On the 10th of August, a media meet and greet was held in Karachi for the launch of Digital Campaign by Physiogel at Cafe Aylanto attended by  Aisha Khan, Brand Ambassador for Physiogel. The Campaign titled *Love Your Skin* befits Aisha Khan as I have seen her skin up close and personal and I can vouch for it that she has the most flawless, smooth and illuminated skin. No wonder she has been chosen as the brand ambassador for Physiogel Digital Campaign!

The red carpet was hosted by Dr. Muzna Ibrahim.  Ayeza Sumsam, Brand Manager GSK Consumer elaborated on their choice of celebrity ambassador, the reason being that for their brand its very important to associate with a  personality and name who believes in the message and what the brand stands for. Hence Aisha Khan was the perfect choice for the brand who you all can see in the Digital Campaign looking radiant with her flawlessly glowing skin.
Alishba Yousuf

GSKCH Marketing Director, Sadia Nasiruddin further elaborated that through this digital marketing, they want to involve the consumer by communicating with them, boost their self esteem and encourage them to feel confident in their skin and to love it. 
Adnan Malik

The evening was pretty start studded, attended namely by Adnan Malik, Sadaf Kanwal, Alishba Yousuf who participated in the skin care activities and were very interactive with crowd sharing their views and opinions.

Event Design by Bullseye Communication 

The evening ended with sumptous dinner and on an empowered note.
You can visit www.physiogel.com for more details.

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Team B.Sheikh

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

ANAM FALAK- Cult, Basic to Bridal MasterClass in Lahore

Hey Girlssss! Finally got around to writing this Blogpost on none other than Anam Falak, one of the quickly recognized makeup artist in Karachi!

Selfie game strong! Bushra Sheikh and Anam Falak
The moment Anam Falak's Masterclass post on Instagram was updated, only one thing popped in my mind. YAAAASSSSS. I HAVE to get enrolled. (FYI this Master Class was conducted last year in October).So ladies I got registered and was pretty excited to see what she had in store for us. It was a Three Day Basic to Bridal Masterclass of three to four hours. 

Loved how she was interactive, guiding about different products specific products from the brands she used. Makeup aside, Anam was keen on sharing tit bits about skin-care as well and what does into prepping it before makeup application. Pretty useful and yes to know all what she taught, you'll have to enroll in her class <3
Bridal and Smokey Eye look created by Anam Falak 
She shared her personal preferences when it came to making brides and that she always accommodate and listens to her clients when they come to get ready for their big day. Girls were very interested to know her list of dos and don'ts in terms of makeup and brands to choose from. She 
kept the class engaged by sharing her experiences and the current trends. Anam was answering questions and above all busting myths about Instagram  and Youtube tutorials. I really appreciated how she was attentive and gave her full attention to students. 

Over the three days, she covered Dewy, Smokey, Glam and Bridal looks with slight variations. 
On the 3rd and the last day, I conducted an interview with Anam Falak. So here you go!

Q&A Session with Anam Falak

Q. When did u start doing Makeup?

A. I was 17 years old

Q. Where did u learn Makeup from?
A. Illamasqa, London Hair and Beauty Academy (LHA)

Q. Best  Learning experience in terms of Makeup?

A. Samir Khouzami and Mario.

Q. Which Celebrity look is your favorite?
A. I don't have a celebrity look which is my favorite. I don't go for celebrity look. My personal favorite is Dewy Bronze Skin

Q. Whats the first feature you notice about any one?
A. Skin

Q.Which face shape is your favorite?
A. Round

Q. Go-to Lip Shade, Liner, Mascara and Blush?
A. Lip Shade: Donut, Liner by Girlactic, Mascara Benefit/ Tarte, Blush by Mehron.

Q. Go to Foundation?
A. Air Flash by Dior

Q. What keeps you motivated?
A. My family

Q. When you visiting Lahore again?
A. Next year

Q.One product you cannot live without?
A. Carmax

Q.What was going on in your head when you dolled up your first bride?
A. Worried about her hair

Q. Anam when are you launching your makeup line?
A. When I get the time

Q. Where are your brides concentrated apart from Pakistan?
A. UK and Middle-East

Q. Which brand is your favorite as in one brand you would do your entire bridal makeup with?
A. None
The Giveaway is loaded!!

Q. Anam Falak's inspiration behind the makeup palette?
A. I got it made from a private cosmetics manufacture in USA. The idea was to give the students as many colors and textures to work with so the wouldn't have to run around buying separate palettes or shadows and the only ones available were made in China and I don't trust the quality level so had to step up a notch and do something myself about it.
Recreated Smokey Eye Makeup  from the MasterClass with my own style

Hope you all enjoyed reading my experience  and the interview. 

Till Next Time,

Team B.Sheikh

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Veet introduces Veet Academy!

Hello people! Hope all of you are doing great! I am sure by now all of you are well aware about the brand Veet. It  has become a househol...