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Iznik Chinon Volume II in markets on 27th February, 2017

Hey Everyone! Get ready for Iznik's Latest Collection! Chinon Vol II is set to launch on 27th of February, 2017.
 With a range of 10 embroidered luxury chiffon unstitched pieces, every ensemble combines elegance and splendor in a celebration of colors.

These affluent looks and luxurious clothes are a must have in the season of
festivity when all you want to do is look your best and a class apart.

Iznik is a name that is synonymous with regal clothes that exude extravagance
and magnificence. This season too, Iznik has crafted clothes that will give you a
timeless appeal in the most stylish manner.

This collection offers three piece suit, requiring the least bit of preparation and is priced at Rs. 6,650/-

So ladies this is your chance to be the centre of attention for a classic
head-to-toe look!

Grab your dresses from Iznik's new collection featuring brilliance for giving your wardrobe that oomph effect!

Till then,
Team BSheikh.

Aey Rah e Haq kay Shaheedoon by Hamza Malik

Hello everyone!
Hope all of you are doing well!

If you like music then you will enjoy this blog post!

Today I will be talking about our very artist, Hamza Malik.

Hamza Malik is an acclaimed talent who found his first commercial
break with the release of his song ‘Soneyaa’ which topped the music charts across Pakistan.

This talented singer won hearts with his powerful vocals combined with incredible aesthetics has gained him much recognition as one of the most promising talents in the burgeoning music

Hamza Malik is out with his latest project which is a cover of the phenomenal ‘Aey Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo’ by Madam Noor Jehan.

Hamza’s tribute to the legacy of the great Noor Jehan is a beautiful rendition of the original masterpiece. He reinterprets the classic,
using the original melody infused with his powerful vocals. The song has a very strong appeal nationally and this aspect is not lost on Hamza who has captured in the cover the true essence of the poetic appeal, focusing…

Stageline Professional- Review of X fix lips and Nail Lacquer.

Hello my beautiful ladies!
Hope all of you are doing well!

This blog post is going to be about a review regarding Stageline Professional Cosmetics.

I received a beautiful package by the makeup brand. Pr by Transmedia.

In it there was a vibrant lipstick from their new matte lipstick series and a beautiful, rich Nail Lacquer.

Details of the products:

X Fix Lipstick 

*Shade: Sunset Orange 07.

*Glides beautifully.

*Color pay off is brilliant.

*Dries off to a smooth, matte, finish.

*Does not crack.

*Stayed on for a couple of hours.

Nail Lacquer

*Shade: N 30.

*Smooth application.

*Very opaque.

*Does not chip.

*Stays on.

For us makeup junkies, we personally felt that the packaging was great, product quantity was generous!

Ladies, check this brand out.

Available at all the leading stores of Lahore.

Much love,

Team B.Sheikh.

Flagship Store Launch of Khaadi, Emporium Mall.

Hi Everyone! Hope you are doing well!

This post is going to interest the ladies especially who love trendy ethnic clothes.

My sister, Bushra and I went to the launch of Khaadi's Flagship outlet at Emporium Mall yesterday that is on the 24th of February, 2016. Saying that the outlet is beautiful would be an understatement.

We have always been a Khaadi customer from the get-go and it's amazing to see how this brand has flourished right infront of our eyes. From the very beginning, khaadi set their designs apart from what the rest of the clothing brands were making be it stitched or unstiched. With so many designs and beautiful color combinations it's not difficult to imagine anyone leaving  Khaadi without buying anything. I am sure you all understand what I am talking about.

From Karachi to Lahore, we have visited almost all the outlets of Khaadi. Must tell you, they go all out with the decor. From ceilings to walls, this brand thinks things through. The outlet at Emporium M…

Official Launch of Tuscany Courtyard, Lahore

Hey Everyone! Hope your week is going fab. Just wanted to share our experience of an exclusive launch of a restaurant here in Lahore. 

So lets start from the beginning. My sister, Bushra and I were invited by Qasim Yar of QYT EVENTS at the official launch of Tuscany Courtyard, located at MM Alam Road  on the 3rd of February, 2017. Digital PR handled by Rezz PR and Events.

From location to food tasting to ambiance, everything was on point.  I must say, QYT Events  did a wonderful job with the decor! From floral archways to potted flower arrangements to shimmery backdrops to candle stands, the whole restaurant was set to impress everyone.

There was food display from strawberry platters to croissants to mini burgers to thin crusted mini pizzas to sandwiches not to forget the constant service of mint margaritas/pinacoladas and chocolate desserts which we missed. With so many people around and constant food service, cleanliness of the restaurant was impeccable.

We got a chance to speak to Nabi…

Physiogel 14 Day Challenge.

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well!

 I have always been into skin care, testing out the products knowing about them
reading about ingredients product manufacturing directions for use expired. Like in depth.

  So when Talking Point PR Company sent me the Physiogel Care Basket, I was very excited since I had used their body lotion. I have an oily skin prone to breakouts and yes I tend to over scrub leading to dry  and tight skin. Since it is a GSK stiefel product range I was happily on board with the 14 day challenge. To be honest I have always appreciated Physicians Formula as it has always suited my skin.
 Slowly and gradually I started seeing the change in my skin as it was less flaky, less dry patches, eliminating the redness. My personal favorites are the Night Cream, Daily Moisture and the Light Day Cream has been my Holy Grail before I apply my makeup.
Why? Because it provides
2.My Foundation goes on smoothly
3.Less dry patches are visible.

I suggest, you my ladies check …

Official Launch of Toni and Guy Johar Town Branch

Hello guys! Hope you all are doing well!:)

Me and Warda were invited to the official launch of Toni & Guy Johar Town Branch ,Lahore.

We were welcomed by the lovely team of Toni and Guy. First they gave us a tour of the purpose-built salon, which comprised of 3 floors, taking care of all your needs from haircut to hairstyling to manicure to pedicure,  makeup to facials, they had it all covered.

I went for mani pedi and Warda chose for haircut and blow-dry. The Girls who did my services were so good at her job! The foot and hand massage was so relaxing! I would highly recommend this place.

Now comes the Haircut and Blowdry. My sister was really happy with the service she received. She wanted to maintain her hair length and yet get a fresh look. She got connected layers with a voluminous blowdry and yes she was flaunting it!

So yes all in all we had a lovely time and who doesn't like getting pampered :-)

Enjoy the post y'all!

Team B.Sheikh.

Hi Tea At The Lahore Social with Masarrat Misbah.

Hello guys!:) Hope all of you are doing well!

Me and Warda were invited by the Depilex group and Masarrat Misbah on 16th Feb 2017 at the Lahore Social.

The topic of discussion was illegal creams and lotions being sold openly in markets.

She showed us a documentary by a reputed channel which discussed in great detail the health hazards caused by illegal ingredients.

She also briefed us about the steroids, mercury, and other harmful chemicals being openly mixed and dispensed promising a lighter, brighter, fairer complexion.

Sad to say this but the target market is girls from schools, colleges, universities and single girls who have fallen prey to such schemes.

These products are being advertised in such a way that without their usage, a girl will not get married nor have a successful career.

 She shared her experiences working with burn victims and acid attack survivors and what these women particularly go through especially when they are suggested to use Fairness Creams. Being misled by…

Food Tasting at Urban Cafe-Yoglicious

Hi everyone. Hope your week is going is fabulous. So today we are going to share our experience regarding a food tasting. My sister and I were invited by Kluchit Magazine and Cybus Digi for the official food tasting at Urban Cafe- Yoglicious on the 20th of January, 2016.

Our first thought about the cafe was, *look at all the space*. The place boasted 3 halls. First one was a sit-in  with sofa settings at both the ends and ceiling hangings of clippings from Hollywood movies.The middle hall had a very spacious feel to it with white wood carvings on the ceiling and wall to wall sofas at one end with tables and chairs. Again a foray of pictures lined the textured wall. 

The last hall was about food. Yes you read that RIGHT. There were counters laden with Baked items, from brownies to freshly baked loaves of bread to a mouthwatering display of cakes and cupcakes.

Now about the event itself. It was a very exclusive Food Tasting Meetup. The owner Rabia Zia was very forthcoming in answering …