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Food Tasting at Tree Lounge Restaurant

Hey Everyone. Weekend is right here! Glad for the week to be over yeah? Well we have some interesting reads for you all just right here.

So Bushra and I invited were by MMFF Events and PR at the *Tree Lounge Restaurant* for food tasting, here in Lahore. To be exact, this hip yet cozy restaurant is located in Gulberg III. 

Usman Riaz-Owner Tree Lounge

A little detail about the restaurant before we get to the food.  Usman Riaz, the CEO  gave a detailed introduction about the restaurant. An HR Major who studied in London, has worked in New York and has been associated with other companies such as Telenor, is a motivated and career driven individual who bears no inhibitions when it comes to managing the restaurant whether taking orders, handling the till or working the floor. 

Team B.Sheikh with fellow bloggers and Mr.Usman Riaz

We asked him why the restaurant was named *Tree Lounge*.His answer was simple. The name was inspired by the huge tree outside the restaurant which has been incorporated in the building including the decor, from menu to the focal walls to outdoor decor. The Restaurant  can house 140 people comfortably (indoors and outdoors combined).Has one entrance with stairs leading to the outdoor area. The timings are from noon to midnight and you can reserve your tables during that duration.With a total of 25 people in the staff, the kitchen where the delicious food is made has 15 people  to cater to the food prep. 

The restaurant attracts a lot of birthdays and you will be surprised to know that Tree Lounge  has hosted Mehindi and Shaadi functions! Also if you want to arrange for corporate events and other occasions then the restaurant can accommodate at a venue of your liking. Even though the restaurant does not  have a lift, the management and staff is very accommodating towards individuals and elderly people who cannot climb the stairs. They send their staff to lift them up in a chair and bring upstairs to enjoy the food and ambiance.

Now comes the food part.We had the option to choose any dish from the menu so I ordered Coconut Mushroom Chicken. It was creamy with Thai chillies(yummayy since I love Thai food) and egg fried rice with a zing of garlic, was an appropriate proportion size. not too much and not too less. 
Coconut Mushroom Chicken

Bushra ordered Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta. It was topped with Chicken and Parmesan. Again a generous portion. It was different from the usual Alfredo Pasta that is served everywhere but tasty nonetheless. Both of us ordered Pinacolada which was cold and tasty. Service was quick and food served was hot.
Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta
Now the dessert part. A beautiful concoction of Bread Pudding was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was sweet and can be shared by two people since the serving size was extremely generous.

Bread Pudding
We asked Usman Riaz his personal favorite dish from the menu, he stated it was the new dish in the menu, Italian Canaloni Pasta.  

The menu offers a lot dishes so whichever dish is more your speed then you can always order that. Hope you all liked this blogpost! Enjoy the pictures :)

Until next time,
Much love,
Team B.Sheikh.

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