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Latest Trend Edition by Essence.

Hey All! Hope everything is going good at your end.

Alright, so my sister and I were invited to the Bloggers Beauty Secrets Afternoon Soiree revealing their Latest Trend Edition by Essence Cosmetics. Wohoo! Why do we sound excited? Well because Essence Cosmetics and their products are our JAM! 

They are easy on the pocket, offer good pigmented palettes and eye shades not to forgot the nail polishes. So yes this happens to be our go to brand. 

Now about the Soiree. The event was set in a garden with the Bloggers Beauty Secret Palettes on display and finger food setup at one end. It was a Love Affair with make up ladies!

 A couple of tables boasted the new Palettes and ladies were only too happy to swatch them. 

Our lovely host, Anam Raheel was very forthcoming in explaining about the products. All in all the ladies went home happy with their goody bags consisting of the palettes including myself and my sister.

These Palettes are only available online so you all have to checkout the websi…

Maximus Melody Night.

Maximus Advertisers held the *Maximus Melody Night *on the 21st of Janurary 2016at Park lane Hotel, lahore  with transmediaPk as their Digital PR Partners.  

Team transmediapk and team Maximus with Nomita Kiyani of Park Lane Hotel

 It was a music filled night with performers such as Mumtaz Ali, Kashif Ali of Dhol and Rizwan Anwar from Nescafe Basement who had the crowd singing along with him. Wintry night with heaters on and live music had set the ambiance for the night.

Park lane Hotel us one of the top business hotels in lahore and for the event they set delicious meal for the guests.

The event was about showcasing the brand image of Maximus Advertisers what as a company they had to offer as well as for targeting the audience of the hotel.

(With the super gorgeous models, Sana Sarfaraz and Sarah Sarfaraz)

It was a music filled night with performers such as Mumtaz Ali, Kashif Ali of Dhol and Rizwan Anwar from Nescafe Basement who had the crowd singing along with him. Wintry night wit…

Official launch of Omnom.

Hello people! Hope all of you are doing great!:)

Me and Warda got invited by Kluchit Magazine (Digital PR) for the official launch of Omnom, House of Grilled Gourmet Burgers.

It's run by a young entrepreneur, Hassan Arshad, who graduated in Business and IT.
His passion for baking led him to innovative cooking and started off his business venture in Ghalib Market.
From then on, he progressed and it clearly shows in the type of food he offers!
Even at the launch, he was very hands on with the orders. His dedicated team of 14 people did not stop for even a break!

Team Omnom hard at work

We ordered Blessing in Disguise( chicken), Crispy Sceptre, Garlic mayo fries and Masala fries. Me and Warda are honestly not into burgers, but this experience of grilled burgers changed our views!

                 Team B.Sheikh with Hassan, Mahwish, Rehan Babar and Aden Rehan

It's actually refreshing to see Hasan follow his passion! His hardworking and motivated nature led him to whe…

An Evening with Mehak Ali Unplugged.

Hello people! Hope you all are doing great!
If you are a fan of folk, classical music then this blog post for you!

Me and Warda( my sister) attended an unplugged session with Mehak Ali (upcoming singing sensation) at Fagiro Club on 5th of Jan 2017.

       Me and warda

                    Mehak Ali

It was a lovely event organized by Glorious Productions and Pr was handled by Transmedia Pk.
Mehak Ali opened the program with her song Baandi.

Let me tell you a bit about this talented singer. She started her career at a very young age, during a talent show at her school! Having been selected from 350+ contestants, this girl was set on a road to a success!

When asked why music as a career choice? She replied by saying it's her passion and it clearly translates in her songs!

In conversation with the talented Mehak Ali

She appeared in Nescafe Basement season 4 and that was the point which gave her a career boost when her version of 'Kameez Teri Kaali' hit the screens.

When asked &…