Thursday, 2 February 2017

Food Tasting at Urban Cafe-Yoglicious

Hi everyone. Hope your week is going is fabulous. So today we are going to share our experience regarding a food tasting. My sister and I were invited by Kluchit Magazine and Cybus Digi for the official food tasting at Urban Cafe- Yoglicious on the 20th of January, 2016.

Our first thought about the cafe was, *look at all the space*. The place boasted 3 halls. First one was a sit-in  with sofa settings at both the ends and ceiling hangings of clippings from Hollywood movies.The middle hall had a very spacious feel to it with white wood carvings on the ceiling and wall to wall sofas at one end with tables and chairs. Again a foray of pictures lined the textured wall. 
Team B.Sheikh with Rabia Zia (Owner)

The last hall was about food. Yes you read that RIGHT. There were counters laden with Baked items, from brownies to freshly baked loaves of bread to a mouthwatering display of cakes and cupcakes.


Now about the event itself. It was a very exclusive Food Tasting Meetup. The owner Rabia Zia was very forthcoming in answering our questions. You'll be surprised to read that Rabia is an Investment Banker. Formerly worked at J.P Morgan and has an experience of 21 years in the financial world. Her passion for restaurant and cafe culture led her to Lahore, Pakistan. Rabia has really invested her heart and soul in Urban Cafe-Yoglicious. Her aesthetic sense is what sets the place apart. You will see frames of Bob Marley, Micheal Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts from Notting Hill on the walls. 

Now about the food. My sister ordered Alfredo Pasta and I ordered Thai Chilli Chicken. Both the dishes had adequate portion size and yes they both tasted delicious. Now comes the Dessert. We were served Sticky Toffee Pudding with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. One bite had has going back to our childhood. The butter scotch taste had a very nostalgic feel. Go on empty stomach to try this dessert because it is heavy and yummy to the last bite. 
Thai Chilli Chicken
Alfredo Pasta, Sticky Toffee Pudding

So yes all in all, it was a lovely evening with delicious food and good company. If you all haven't tried it, then do checkout the place. 

Team Kluchit
Till next time,

Team B.Sheikh.

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