Friday, 17 February 2017

Hi Tea At The Lahore Social with Masarrat Misbah.

Hello guys!:) Hope all of you are doing well!

Me and Warda were invited by the Depilex group and Masarrat Misbah on 16th Feb 2017 at the Lahore Social.

B.Sheikh with Masarrat Misbah
Sister Duo
The topic of discussion was illegal creams and lotions being sold openly in markets.

She showed us a documentary by a reputed channel which discussed in great detail the health hazards caused by illegal ingredients.

Bloggers in discussion
Delicious Finger Food at Lahore Social

She also briefed us about the steroids, mercury, and other harmful chemicals being openly mixed and dispensed promising a lighter, brighter, fairer complexion.

Sad to say this but the target market is girls from schools, colleges, universities and single girls who have fallen prey to such schemes.

These products are being advertised in such a way that without their usage, a girl will not get married nor have a successful career.

 She shared her experiences working with burn victims and acid attack survivors and what these women particularly go through especially when they are suggested to use Fairness Creams. Being misled by the society they started using this kitchen cocktails made in highly and hygienic conditions, not being approved or supervised by the authorities.

All in all, I would suggest to kindly read the product information, check the ingredients, where the product is being manufactured, expiry and authentic certification because not only it's going to affect you in the long-term but the harmful effects would be transferred to the future generations as well.
              Bushra with Masarrat Misbah
Warda and Masarrat Misbah

Hope this article was as enlightening as the session was for us.

Much love,
Team B.Sheikh.

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