Sunday, 26 February 2017

Aey Rah e Haq kay Shaheedoon by Hamza Malik

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Today I will be talking about our very artist, Hamza Malik.

Hamza Malik is an acclaimed talent who found his first commercial
break with the release of his song ‘Soneyaa’ which topped the music charts across Pakistan.

This talented singer won hearts with his powerful vocals combined with incredible aesthetics has gained him much recognition as one of the most promising talents in the burgeoning music

Hamza Malik is out with his latest project which is a cover of the phenomenal ‘Aey Rah-e-Haq Ke Shaheedo’ by Madam Noor Jehan.

Hamza’s tribute to the legacy of the great Noor Jehan is a beautiful rendition of the original masterpiece. He reinterprets the classic,
using the original melody infused with his powerful vocals. The song has a very strong appeal nationally and this aspect is not lost on Hamza who has captured in the cover the true essence of the poetic appeal, focusing carefully on the poetic expression.

His tribute is a beautiful
interpretation of the original classic which is so close to the nation’s heart.

Wishing the talented
artist the best of luck for the release of his single on the 17th of February.

About Hamza Malik:

Hamza Malik is a young Pakistani musician who has quickly gained prominence in the last few years. His musical journey began with his debut single, “Soneyaa”, which topped several Music charts including ARY Music. Since his debut single, Hamza has released numerous music videos
and has made a name for himself within the performing arts community as well as the youth. In addition to performing all over Pakistan, he regularly performs in other countries. He has performed in several countries such as the England, Denmark, Sweden and his country of birth,
America. He makes regular appearances on morning shows and is frequently covered in print media.

Currently, he is working on vocals that will be used as Drama OST for serials on HUM TV and ARY Digital. He has also branched out from singing and is currently the face of the Sufi
Mineral Water campaign.

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