Wednesday, 30 November 2016


Hi Y'all! Welcome to my Blog. So today I have a special something to share with you. I'll be discussing the ever famous Duraline by Inglot.

I'm telling you all that this is a LIFE-SAVER. And why is that? Because this potion of 9 ml/0.30 oz with just a drop can enhance, fix and prolong your makeup/makeup products. The consistency is thick and it's a clear liquid. To be more specific, here is what it says on the packaging:

A drop of your Duraline mixed with a makeup product of your choice:

  • creates a liquid waterproof product 
  • improves application 
  • prolong life of makeup 
  • enhances the colors 

The bottle is a clear glass and comes with its own black dropper which is a win-win for us as it's a cap and a dropper all in one so you don't have to go through the hassle of uncapping and arranging a separate tool or dropper to do the deed.

My experience with Duraline has been pretty satisfactory. Below I have attached images and videos of the makeup products I have used this magic potion on.

Here as you can see that my ArtistInk gelliner by Luscious Cosmetics was pretty much dry.

In order to bring it back to its former glory, I added just a drop of Duraline and mixed it. Not only it smoothened out the gelliner but brought back its deep, dark pigment.

Next I used Duraline to fix my Radiance Ethereal Glow Blush by Masaraat Misbah. It had completely crumbled and to fix it I had to use comparatively more drops than the gelliner.
                  Beauty meme

 Here is a picture and a video for your viewing.
Fixing the Blush


You can also use Duraline to turn your Eyeshadows into eyeliners. Yes, you read that right! Surprising isn't it. You just have to add a drop to your favorite eyeshadow and you're ready with the liner of the day. In the picture below I used Duraline to create a brown liner as I don't own one, from my Morphe 35W Palette.

Also my Kryolan Paint Stick had run dry because of the dry weather and for coverage, I added a drop of Duraline to it to make it easy to spread as is visible in the above image.

So ladies these were the four ways that I tested Duraline on my makeup products. If your mascara is running dry, you can add a drop or depending upon the state of mascara,drops, to it as well.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did while experimenting and compiling. Until next time.

Warda Saeed Shaikh

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