Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Success Party Dinner of Lajwanti by Ana Ali

Lajwanti a household name for decades. What comes to mind? Traditional and classic clothes at its best. Who or what is Lajwanti? If you want to know then keep on reading. 
Ana Ali of Lajwanti

Team B.Sheikh was invited by Mishall-e-Hira of Dext Events and PR to celebrate the success of back to back fashion shows by Lajwanti namely Qatar Fashion Week, Pakistan Fashion Week London and Arab Fashion Week  at Ana Ali's residence.
Team B.Sheikh with Mishalle Hira of Dext Events and PR
Who is Ana Ali? Well SHE is the designer behind Lajwanti. Did you also think that Lajwanti was the name of the designer? Well no honey bunches its not!

In conversation with Ana Ali who we must say is a brilliant hostess and a very hospitable individual,  explained the concept behind the name Lajwanti. Lajwanti is basically the color magenta and thats where Ana derives her inpiration from. For years we used to think its an elderly person who has a design legacy to be taken over by her generations to come. But no that is not the case. 

Ana Ali proudly flaunting her Wedding Dress
We got to know about her design philosophy and how she got started. She told us that it was all because her own wedding gown that she designed 22 years ago for her wedding. Supported and encouraged by her husband who also was a part in designing her bridal dress. Ana showed us her bridal dress. as you can see in the above picture, even after two decades the kaam and detailing is intact and way modern for that era. From then on-wards her career took off  and up-till now Lajwanti has had successful shows and her brand name is recognized in every household of Pakistan and internationally as well.
Warda of B.Sheikh with Ana Ali of Lajwanti
Now about her collection. The mannequins displayed at her residence were all about subdued elegance and class. What we liked about her work was that Ana Ali blends in the color scheme with the embellishments. You'll know that there is work on the dress but not up in the face . In other words it all jells in perfectly.

You'll be shocked to know that Ana Ali is a Home Economics Major yet her heart took her to designing. what ever was on the dinning table was cooked and prepared by her own hands and it was delicious! 

Team B.Sheikh thoroughly enjoyed her company. Totally loved that she was very forthcoming in sharing her journey with us. Recently she showcased her work in Orlando.

 Ana keep on making Pakistan proud. Thank You for having us over.


Till next time,

Team B.Sheikh

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