Monday, 17 July 2017

*Artist behind Paper Talks*

Hey there everyone! Hope your week is going great! We have in store something very artistic for you all! A little break from all those clothing and food posts :D

So Bushra and I had the chance to meet with Atif Ayub of *Paper Talks*.

A very artsy individual. His house is his studio. You'll see Artifacts Figurines, Vases, Pottery in every nook and cranny. Even though Atif is a Marketing and HR major, his heart was set in creating a form of art  specifically known to the Japanese Culture which by the way started as a hobby and now is his career.

Based in lahore, Paper Talks brings the unique and intricate art of *Kusudama Origami*. This paper art requires 60 or more Units,skill, patience, precision and hours to create one item. Seamless joining and you'll find not one piece of paper out of place. Every piece is different. Not only is there paper being used but you'll find beautiful and colorful tassels, ornaments, pearls, gotta, bells which he collects during his travels and incorporates in these statement pieces. 

Every year, Atif Ayub showcases his work at the Daachi Exhibition Also Paper Talks guarantees 5 year warranty of their art.You all can have a look at the exquisite handmade artwork by Paper Talks on their social media pages (Instagram and Facebook).

Enjoy the picture!

Till next time,

Team B.Sheikh

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