Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Entertainer- ToyLand for all Ages

Hey Everyone. Hope you all are doing well.
Here is a reprieve from all the clothes and food updates. its time for some TOYS!

On the 25th of March. 2017, my sister Warda and I were invited by Maximus Advertisers at the Grand Launch of *The Entertainer* in Emporium Mall, Lahore. Since we are from Karachi we had no clue about this Toyland and how excited we'll get once we reached the event.

Welcome to the Dark side
Lets get to know about the details first. This is the company's 5th store, having started this project first in the capital city, Islamabad in 2014 and over the span of 3 years, The Entertainer has spread in Lahore too bringing the  high- quality  and licensed toys from global toy brands. The Entertainer, under the Umbrella of SEFAM Group identified the needs of Pakistani market for good quality toys and thus brought UK's favorite and largest toy retailer to the country. Lets just say you will have a squealing, screaming child if you did not buy anything from the store.

You WILL end up buying something because YOU will end up drooling over the toys.Now about the Launch itself. It was a fun experience. My sister and I had a great time going through the aisles.
Sister Duo
The store has designed proper sections for the toys at display. For instance there is one*Imagine and Play*, *Arts and Craft*, *Games and Puzzles*, *Action and Adventure*, *Construction Toys etc.*. Now isn't that great. 

All sorted and stacked for you to browse through and buy. The brand caters to all ages and has in stock from soft toys to more challenging and logical games/toys. The focus is to facilitate the children with toys that are engaging as well as educational so you can say that the brand offers Play and Learn themed toys as well. Not only this but also you'll get the latest, hip and happening and in-trend toys such as Marvel and DC characters, Brats( Dolls), Star Wars characters ( YAY Darth Vader) and numerous other toys.

Categorized Aisles

Team B.Sheikh and Faisal Jamshaid (Brand Manager and Marketing Head)
The Entertainer's Brand Manager and Marketing Head, Faisal Jamshaid gave us a detailed brief about all the toys in store, taking us through each and everyone aisle and listing all the attributes the brand had to offer. This is what he had to say about the Brand and the Launch,“We have a solid footprint right across the UK on both the high street and in shopping centers. With more than 500+ check-ins in one day, we have achieved our goal.”

Cute Soft Toys

If any of you has not been to The Entertainer then do checkout this place. It sure is a Toyland for all ages and we sisters had some fun posing with some of our favorite toys/characters. Enjoy the pictures!!

Till next time,
Team B.Sheikh 

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