Monday, 27 March 2017

Opium Wok Rice and Noodle Bar

Hey all. Hope you are doing well. Guess what? This post is all about food so gear up for some interesting details. 

Mr. Kamran Afzal (Owner)
Transmedia Digital PR arranged Food Tasting at Opium Chinese and Thai Restaurant for their new section "Opium Wok". My sister Warda and I couldn't refuse this food tasting now could we. So yup it was dinner time at the restaurant.

The Launch Event took place on the 17th of March,2017 graced by socialites,bloggers and media persons namely Amir Qureshi, Sana Sarfaraz and Sara Sarfaraz.

Amir Qureshi

Raja Babar  and Farhan Hafeez of Transmedia

Those individuals who want to be engaged in how their food is being prepared that is live cooking then Opium Wok is the place to be. We were given a menu sheet from which we could select the Cuisine(Japanese,Thai, Chinese), Protein type( Beef, Chicken,Seafood) and Base of the dish (Noodles, Rice). 
Bushra with Yasmin Butt of Transmedia
The Kitchen is an open space where the trained chefs prepare the food right in front of their customers, engaging them in the process.

My sister ordered Thai Cuisine with Chicken and Rice whereas I ordered Egg Noodles with Chicken as the protein in the same cuisine. Yes we love Thai food. 
The food was presented in white bowls with Mint Margarita which in this jam-packed meet and greet we had to order a couple of times.

Mint Margarita
About the food itself. Warda's was overly saucy and mine was heavy on the chillies. Overall the service was quick and hot. Mr. Kamran Afzal (Owner) a very hospitable host, was interactive and accommodating, greeting and answering to everyone.

Thai Chicken with Egg Noodles

Thai Chicken with Rice
We sure will go to Opium Chinese and Thai with the family in the coming weeks as we all LOVE Thai Food. 

Till next time,


Team B.Sheikh 

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