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Myne's Cakery Ice-Cream tasting at Dessert Directory Prime Edibles

Hey y'all! Hope everyone is great! This post is going to be DELICIOUS! Yes you read that right. 
Bushra with Mehreen Umar on the left and Khadija Shafqat on the right
So Bushra and I were invited by Khadija Shafqat of  Dessert Directory Prime Edibles for an ice-cream tasting by Mehreen Umar of Myne's Cakery. Having not tasted any of the items made by Mehreen before, we sisters were in store for some yummilicious goodness.

Warda with Mehreen
Before we move on to our experience here is a little background about Mehreen. She is an M.S.C in Statistics from the University of Punjab. A proud home baker who started off  with baking cakes and cupcakes. Not one to sit idle, Mehreen transitioned into making ice-creams last February from her home only. Not only did she receive an amazing response, she started receiving bulk orders and credits her success to the very famous Asad Sheikh of Foodies R Us who supported and encouraged Mehreen to showcase her talent at different food festivals

Since she has a cake decorator's psyche, Mehreen adopts the same concept of presentation in the ice-creams and believes that they should be a "Dessert Experience". Also you'll see that her ice-creams are layered. If there are nuts or biscuit crumbs on top then you'll get the same texture through out. It wont just end with the top layer or bottom layer. YAAASS! The more the yummier! 

Mehreen has upto 40 flavors on her ice-cream menu. Also she takes customized orders. Whatever fancies your palate, you can place your order and she will make it from scratch. She listens to her clients carefully and always adjusts the flavor if the need be. Her policy is to serve the customers orders as fresh as possible and makes them when the order comes in. You must be thinking why. That is because one, she does not stock and secondly she doesn't need to stock as her items literally fly off the shelf.

 Mehreen has incorporated her customized orders such as After EightLindt in the menu as the demand for them is high. Currently you'll be pleased to know that she is stocking her ice cream at Dessert Directory.

Now comes the ice-cream tasting. I got to try the Ultimate Nutella Cheesecake and Bushra tried the Nutella Swirl Dream. Here's the thing. Before we got down to the ice-cream tasting business, we were all chatter box but one spoon of each our ice-creams and it was all about the taste and texture. HeavenlyDecadent and Oh My God. Hands down the most luxurious dessert ice-cream tasting. The ice cream was served in a 200 ml cup and delicious to the last spoon. Rich, creamy and filling.
Ultimate Nutella Cheesecake

 Now about Dessert Directory Prime Edibles the place itself. A quaint Parisian themed cafe where all your sweet dreams come true. Literally. Khadija Shafqat is an MBA in Food Luxury Brand Management.

 She is a passionate baker and has a very artistic mind, as u can see in the pictures, the cafe itself has a lot of intricate details, from the chalk-art to wall hangings. Dessert Directory has 9 bakers on board currently and to sate those sweet cravings you can visit them between 12 pm-12 a.m.

The perfect hostess served us Berry Mint and Mint Lemonade.

Hope you all enjoyed this blogpost. Again, everyone has a different palate. We liked what we tried and had an amazing time with two humble ladies.

Enjoy the pictures :)

Till next time,
Team B.Sheikh

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