Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Official launch of Omnom.

Hello people! Hope all of you are doing great!:)

Me and Warda got invited by Kluchit Magazine (Digital PR) for the official launch of Omnom, House of Grilled Gourmet Burgers.


It's run by a young entrepreneur, Hassan Arshad, who graduated in Business and IT.
His passion for baking led him to innovative cooking and started off his business venture in Ghalib Market.
From then on, he progressed and it clearly shows in the type of food he offers!
Even at the launch, he was very hands on with the orders. His dedicated team of 14 people did not stop for even a break!

Team Omnom hard at work

We ordered Blessing in Disguise( chicken), Crispy Sceptre, Garlic mayo fries and Masala fries. Me and Warda are honestly not into burgers, but this experience of grilled burgers changed our views!

                 Team B.Sheikh with Hassan, Mahwish, Rehan Babar and Aden Rehan

It's actually refreshing to see Hasan follow his passion! His hardworking and motivated nature led him to where he is right now!

         Team B.Sheikh with Mishale Hira

If you are a foodie and have not tried Omnom as yet, then check it out!

Much love,
Team B.Sheikh.

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