Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Latest Trend Edition by Essence.

Hey All! Hope everything is going good at your end.

Alright, so my sister and I were invited to the Bloggers Beauty Secrets Afternoon Soiree revealing their Latest Trend Edition by Essence Cosmetics. Wohoo! Why do we sound excited? Well because Essence Cosmetics and their products are our JAM! 

 They are easy on the pocket, offer good pigmented palettes and eye shades not to forgot the nail polishes. So yes this happens to be our go to brand. 

Now about the Soiree. The event was set in a garden with the Bloggers Beauty Secret Palettes on display and finger food setup at one end. It was a Love Affair with make up ladies!

 A couple of tables boasted the new Palettes and ladies were only too happy to swatch them. 

Our lovely host, Anam Raheel was very forthcoming in explaining about the products. All in all the ladies went home happy with their goody bags consisting of the palettes including myself and my sister.

These Palettes are only available online so you all have to checkout the website.


Here are the Beauty Bloggers with their Palettes: -
-Diana's Beauty Secret offered *Touch-Up To Go* One for all Palette
-Palmira's Beauty Secret offered *Vintage Rose* Eye Makeup Look in easy steps
-Serena's Beauty Secret offered *Glow Must Go On* for additional Highlights On your face and lastly
-Mary's Beauty Secret Offered *Shape and Shadow* for the perfect style of your eyes and eyebrows.

Enjoy the pictures 💋
Till next time,

Team BSheikh

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